Energy Independence – America’s Road Not Taken

Energy researcher Glenn Rambach's charts show how America budgeted for energy independence following the OPEC embargo in 1973. Then the Reagan administration switched to having "the market" create research incentives, so federal funding declined severely. He says we've lost … [Read more...]

Alcohol Can Be a Gas, Part 2

Permaculturist David Blume discusses alcohol's low emissions, and producing alcohol as a biological complex in which wastes become raw materials for other processes. He claims that with one year of the U.S. Defense budget, the entire world could be set up to produce alcohol … [Read more...]

The Inside Scoop From a Biodiesel Pioneer

Russ Teall has developed biodiesel production equipment since the industry was in its infancy. He discusses biodiesel's advantages over petroleum diesel, and the land-for-food vs. fuel issue. His projects involve small scale refineries using multiple oil feedstocks, … [Read more...]

Conserve First! Saving Energy in the Home

Todd Cory lives in a zero energy home. He started by conserving a whopping 70% of his energy use. Then he installed solar hot water and electricity connected to the grid. This renewable energy installer brims with enthusiastic ideas about having fun consuming less energy, … [Read more...]

Fossil Free by ’33

Tam Hunt of the Community Environmental Council in Santa Barbara, California outlines a strategy for regional independence from fossil fuels — and it centers around electricity. Start with efficiency & conservation, add renewables to replace fossil fuels for electricity, … [Read more...]

Community Responses to Peak Oil

Peak oil educator and author Richard Heinberg discusses what communities can do to prepare for peak oil. He covers transportation, including a novel ride-sharing scheme, assessing municipal vulnerabilities, local food and energy production, as well as the Hirsch report's … [Read more...]

San Luis Obispo’s Smart Energy Summit

How can localities buy and build local renewable energy generation capacity? Ken Smokoska describes the opportunities afforded by California's Community Choice law AB117. Nick Alter and Aeron Arlin Genet describe the coalition of business, environmental, university, county … [Read more...]

An Island Eyes Energy Independence

Rita Schenck and Deirdre Grace advocate forming a Vashon Island public utility district to produce electricity locally from renewable resources, starting with an aggressive voluntary conservation program to improve building efficiencies. Check out the Institute for … [Read more...]

MagneGas: From Sewage to Fuel Tank

Watch Ron Cole demonstrate converting any water-based liquid to a gas similar to natural gas--and then drive off in the compressed-gas vehicle so fueled! He envisions its use in sewage treatment and neighborhood "gas production" units that could plug into the natural gas … [Read more...]

Forging Common Ground on Energy

Vice-Mayor Ron Orenstein worked with citizens to inventory Willits energy usage, including reduction strategies. Their work led to a unanimous council vote to install photovoltaics on city hall and more. Episode 23. Watch video | iTunes | … [Read more...]