A Sustainability Renaissance Man

Earth needs humans to figure out our shared destiny, says Alan Seid, whose interest is both the outer and inner dimensions of sustainability. Outside there's ecology, social systems and economics (e.g., in permaculture). Inside is the psychological dimension of personal and … [Read more...]

What Can One Person Do?

If you enjoyed Sally Lovell's over-the-top treatise on her electric bike (episode 40), she's back, telling us other ways one person can make a difference — from fresh water to humanure. Her focus on water includes educating herself on where it comes from, effects of … [Read more...]

Climate Change Despair and Empowerment – A Roadshow from “Down Under”

After summarizing the facts of deepening global climate chaos, New Zealander Kelly Tudhope notes that our psychological response is often overlooked. Feeling powerless, many people stay in denial. But if we acknowledge our feelings, we can find empowerment arising from our … [Read more...]

Who Am I? in a Post-Petroleum World

Joanna Gabriel feels the challenge of Peak Oil is an opportunity "forcing us to create the kind of world we wanted all the time anyway." The coordinator for Post Carbon Ashland explores the challenge of creating a new paradigm of sustainability and sharing while we're living … [Read more...]

Permaculture for the Inner Landscape

Facilitator and musician Melanie Rios believes life can be much richer after peak oil — with lighter living that gives back time and joy. She facilitates communication skills to help groups "work together to stay together". In performances like her "Three Little Pigs Meet … [Read more...]

Personal Responses to Peak Oil

Mary Nelson reflects on a "brewing perfect storm" as oil supplies diminish and people are mortgaged to the hilt. She suggests that first understanding what's going on will help us prepare psychologically and emotionally. Then we can start working with our neighbors, so we're … [Read more...]