“Team Fate” – Under the Hood of a Next-Gen Plug-in Hybrid (114)

Take a tour of a plug-in electric hybrid modification of a 1996 Mercury Sable, with UC Davis graduate students Patrick Kaufman and Bryan Jungers. Under the hood you'll see modifications and some interesting new components. Unlike commercial hybrids — primarily combustion … [Read more...]

“Team Fate” – Designing the Next Generation Hybrid (113)

Students at UC Davis Hybrid Vehicle Research Center have been creating plug-in hybrids for national competitions for some time. "Team Fate" members Bryan Jungers and Patrick Kaufman describe how they "gut" the drive train of a standard vehicle, replacing it with an electric … [Read more...]

Plug-in Hybrids Power the Grid

  Professor Andy Frank, Director of the UC Davis Hybrid Vehicle Research Center, has a plan to power more than just our cars. In his vision, plug-in hybrid vehicles can be used as mobile batteries, contributing solar power to the grid, and helping to "load … [Read more...]