An Engineer Examines a Town’s Energy Future (125)

How much energy does a town consume? Brian Corzilius sleuthed that out for Willits, California, and got a big surprise: in this community of 13,000 people, nearly 25% of personal after-tax earnings (about $30 million annually) leaves town to pay for energy - gasoline, … [Read more...]

Go-Getter Gets Governments Going on Sustainability (120)

Energetic Kris Holstrom is the first Sustainability Coordinator for Telluride and a smart Colorado county. The action plan she developed encompasses energy efficiency and renewables, green building, food and water security, economy, and recycling/resource recovery. She … [Read more...]

Energy Independence – America’s Road Not Taken

Energy researcher Glenn Rambach's charts show how America budgeted for energy independence following the OPEC embargo in 1973. Then the Reagan administration switched to having "the market" create research incentives, so federal funding declined severely. He says we've lost … [Read more...]

San Francisco Takes Action on Climate Change

Cal Broomhead and Melissa Capria of the Energy & Climate Program discuss the rationale, aggressive plans, and activities for city-wide energy self-reliance and greenhouse gas reduction. Tools include energy efficiency in buildings, transit alternatives, alternative … [Read more...]

Fossil Free by ’33

Tam Hunt of the Community Environmental Council in Santa Barbara, California outlines a strategy for regional independence from fossil fuels — and it centers around electricity. Start with efficiency & conservation, add renewables to replace fossil fuels for electricity, … [Read more...]

Community Responses to Peak Oil

Peak oil educator and author Richard Heinberg discusses what communities can do to prepare for peak oil. He covers transportation, including a novel ride-sharing scheme, assessing municipal vulnerabilities, local food and energy production, as well as the Hirsch report's … [Read more...]

A Defining Moment in History

The planet is quickly confronting us with limits to the exploitative, dominator system of the past 5000 years. David Korten, author of When Corporations Rule the World, and more recently The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community, implores us to replace … [Read more...]

The San Francisco Peak Oil Resolution

San Francisco is the first American city to formally address the challenges of oil depletion. Dennis Brumm and Alyse Heartwell recount how members of SF Oil Awareness envisioned, wrote and presented to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors a Peak Oil resolution, which they … [Read more...]

San Luis Obispo’s Smart Energy Summit

How can localities buy and build local renewable energy generation capacity? Ken Smokoska describes the opportunities afforded by California's Community Choice law AB117. Nick Alter and Aeron Arlin Genet describe the coalition of business, environmental, university, county … [Read more...]

Suburban Renewal – One Backyard at a Time

Jan Spencer shows his quarter-acre permaculture project transforming a typical suburban lot. Lawn and driveway were replaced with fruit and nut trees, vegetables, brambles, and native habitat, plus a 3500 gallon rainwater catchment system, a sunroom heating the house, and a … [Read more...]