The First 299 Shows – and Our Thanks

As 2015 draws to a close, we’d like to thank you for watching and sharing Peak Moment TV programs. We hope we've inspired you and yours on behalf of planet Earth. With your support—financial, moral, emotional—we've produced an astounding 299 shows in a decade! Help us … [Read more...]

Help Peak Moment TV Bring Light to the World

We celebrate our 2015 guests pathfinding a sustainable world. 299 programs since 2006 with 5.8 million viewings Will you help put us in the black for 2015? Donate online mail a tax-deductible check Attention: Finance Department, San Francisco Film Society, 39 … [Read more...]

Solstice Greetings and Our Thanks

We celebrate our 2013 guests pathfinding a sustainable world, 252 programs since 2006, more than 4 million viewings If Peak Moment inspires you to build a more resilient and sustainable future— then please consider an end-of-year online tax-deductible donation … [Read more...]