Winter Inward-Going Time

All quiet on the Peak Moment front during this seasonal inward-going time. We’ve taken an extended holiday to visit family and take advantage of unlimited electricity and internet while churning and upgrading internet, email, phones, and getting an iPad online (an investment for our off-grid energy budget). We’re also editing the next program (far more time- and energy-consuming than usual) while taking a welcome break from infrastructure projects at Lone Bobcat Woods.

globalwarming_150.jpgWhen our friends at Undriving™ sent this 26 second NASA video, we stopped and watched it. And watched it again, mesmerized to see global temperature changes since the 1880s. What do YOU see happening, especially since around the year 2000? Hint: hockey stick.

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Journey well~
Janaia & Robyn

P.S. Looking for program reviewer(s). Transition Voice will post Peak Moment programs on their great site if someone reviews them. We’d sure like to be a presence there! If you want to write a little about your favorite programs, contact For ideas, check out Sami Grover’s great short reviews on Treehugger (links are under Latest Programs below.)

Peak Moment’s Best of 2011 – not one, but two DVDs

We couldn’t choose just four programs from a dynamite year! $20 each. Order both and we’ll send a third Peak Moment DVD (single) of your choice.

Pushing the Boundaries (vol. 1), $20

The Vegetarian Myth, Lierre Keith
How the West HAS Won, Derrick Jensen
Awakening the Village Heart and Mind, Brandy McPherson
Portable House, Simple Life, Dee Williams

Innovations and Insights (vol. 2), $20

Peak Oil Blues  We’re All Bozos on This Bus, Kathy McMahon
Oil Puts the Squeeze on the Economy, Chris Martenson
Local Investing Made Easy, James Frazier, Kees Kolff, Matthew Daly
How to Boil A Frog  Meet the Filmmaker, Jon Cooksey

Widening Circles

Hosts wanted for west coast screenings of “Your Environmental Road Trip” (see Janaia’s movie review, “YERT – a film festival in one movie.”). Producer Mark Dixon is taking this award-winning documentary film on a West Coast screening tour during February and March. He particularly needs to find screening hosts in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. Please request a screening on their tour schedule or by

Invest! O.U.R Ecovillage needs to raise $400,000 by March 1st or they’ll be forced to sell their land. Invest or donate.

This Changes Everything: Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement is just out from Yes! magazine. Purchase books, read a shortened version and “10 Ways the Occupy Movement Changes Everything”.

Now on two east coast TV stations. PM Conversations are on community access TV stations in Charlottesville, VA thanks to Phil Anderson of New Paradigm Life, and in Fairfax, VA thanks to Ken Meyercord. Ken’s also incorporating Peak Moment Specials in his WorldDocs show.

Bring Peak Moment to your community TV station free via PegMedia downloads, or subscribe to get DVDs for your station.

Janaia’s Journal

Your Environmental Road Trip (YERT) …is an entire environmental film festival wrapped up in one absorbing and entertaining, fast-paced documentary that’s both personal and planetary. Friends Mark, Julie and Ben pack themselves into a hybrid Ford Escort to tour all 50 states in 52 weeks while aiming for near-zero garbage…” See Widening Circles above for west coast screenings – hosts needed.

Janaia’s Journal of essays and pictures is about people we’re taping, life on the road and reflections.

Latest programs

…with Treehugger reviews by Sami Grover:

Awakening the Village Heart and Mind
From their “Zero Mile Meal Eatery” to zoning and financing innovations, O.U.R. Ecovillage in BC, Canada has paved the way for many communities worldwide. For Brandy Gallagher, the story on the planet right now could be a shared ethos of caring: “Everyone is fed. Everyone is taken care of.” Asserting that “No is just an uneducated Yes,” Brandy shows how a village mindset can transform individuals, preserve land, reduce resource use, apply permaculture principles, change laws, and even the way money works (episode 206).

Planting Seeds for a New Society
“We’re a conduit and a packager of important cutting edge material that people need to do the work that they’re engaged in.” Judith Plant and the New Society Publishers (NSP) team are social change agents bringing emerging ideas and authors to the forefront. They converse about the need for women’s voices in social change; rootedness in place, and how their boots-on-the-ground, solution-oriented books are antidotes to fear. (episode 207).

A Viewer Says

“Peak Moment TV [has] such a great variety of opinions and slants and so many diverse topics…wonderful…bountiful…profound and above all inspiring for us all, as they show that we can live in a different more Earth friendly manner.” — YouTuber ammachi3

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