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Mists arising (video, Robin Mallgren)

Spring is arriving here. The frogs tell us so, just as they do at Lone Bobcat Woods. Not so fast, say the clouds wisping above Bowen Island’s mountainous folds in Robin’s short video (click on picture to watch).

Your video vagabonds have just landed for two weeks at O.U.R. Ecovillage on Vancouver Island, where we videoed three programs with founder Brandy Gallagher in the past. Around Earth Day we return to Bellingham, Washington, where our cherished little rolling house will be re-roofed.

In mid-May we’ll start winding our way south, hoping to catch a bit of spring beauty in the Sierra Nevada. After that, we’re thinking to turn Southwest as fall’s cooler weather arrives.

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Email us if you have projects or people we might video, or places to park and plug-in anywhere in North America.

Thanks to Phil Anderson for the amazing tribute, and Professor Guy McPherson for one of our most provocative programs (both at bottom).

Thanks to you ~ for your spirit, support and suggestions~
Janaia & Robin

Widening Circles

Thank you to tax advisor George Montgomery, author of Can I Write Off My RV? What Every RVer Should Know About Taxes, who answered our RV-related income tax questions in short order. Get his book in print or Kindle.

Spring of Sustainability: Turning Crises into Solutions: free teleseminars on an Earth Day Celebration on April 22, followed by 9 weeks of action. Lots of innovators, green pioneers, activists, indigenous wisdom-keepers.

Sustainable Economies Law Center is tackling some amazing projects, including California legislation for a Neighborhood Food Act, alternate currencies, worker cooperatives, and facilitating cooperative housing in California. Support them.

Workshops featuring some of our guests


what is this? (Art by Janaia)

North Carolina: Diana Leafe Christian is one teacher at Ecovillage Design Education, July 4-August 16, Earthaven Ecovillage. Her focus: effective governance for communities. Application deadline 4/15/14.

Oregon: Jenny Pell, Advanced Permaculture Design course, June 22-26, Detroit, Oregon.

Midwest: three Permaculture Design workshops with Bill and Becky Wilson of Midwest Permaculture. May 6-13 in Hastings, Michigan; June 23-30 in Prescott, Wisconsin; August 16-23 at Fox Hollow Farm in Ohio.

Vancouver Island, BC: 2014 Permaculture Design Certificate & Earth Activist Training at O.U.R. Ecovillage, Shawnigan Lake, May 16-June 1.

Janaia’s Journal

March was a much-needed inward time while we caught up on long-delayed projects.  I celebrated natural beauty in our daily walks.

quarry_pond_photos_400The Impossible Only Takes a Little Longer

Three Artistic Views of Quarry Pond, Bowen Island

A Robin’s-Eye View of Fairy Fen on Bowen Island


Videos to Look Forward to

I had great fun with Pauline le Bel, professional singer, wise elder, storyteller, author of Becoming Intimate with the Earth. She sang an original composition from her CD Rescue Joy, and we did a bit of vocal improv at the end.

Ellen Hayakawa has coached many people — including gifted children — on discovering their life purpose and giving their creative gifts to the world, especially in these times. A lot of riches for you!

New Videos from Peak Moment TV

pm261_560A Primal Diet for Modern Times, part 2. Is our ancestors’ hunter-gatherer diet the best for optimal health and longevity, in our stress- and pollution-filled world? Not entirely, says Nora Gedgaudas, author of Primal Body, Primal Mind. She advocates a ketogenic diet…(episode 261).

pm262_560Climate Change and Human Extinction — A Personal Perspective. “Just one source, methane from the arctic…leads us [by 2030] to…a temperature beyond which humans have never existed on the planet.” Guy McPherson, professor emeritus of University of Arizona in Environmental Studies, shares highlights from his compilation of recent reports on climate change effects (episode 262).

pm263_560The Art of Hosting – Leadership is Possible from Everywhere. Art of Hosting practitioner Chris Corrigan sees groups as living systems — egalitarian, participatory, fluid, becoming tolerant of uncertainty in the inevitable dance between chaos and order. Dave Pollard describes how the GroupWorks card deck was developed to map patterns which groups may practice (episode 263).

A Viewer Says

“I think that one day the whole [Peak Moment TV] series will be in
the Smithsonian Museum of American History & Technology
as a priceless recording of what was happening
early in the 21st Century during the shift
to the new paradigm of sustainable living.”
 – Phil Anderson

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Photos by Robin Mallgren. Watercolors by Janaia Donaldson.

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