The End of Our Homesteading Era


The House at Lone Bobcat Woods is Sold. This newsletter planned for September was delayed because we’re recovering from a several-month blitz to move belongings out of our garage and guest apartment and into a shipping container. We’re picturing a low-key winter with further lightening-up, as we go through many boxes packed but unsorted. 

We protect wildlife habitat on our land. The above picture accompanies a glowing article in the Bear Yuba Land Trust newsletter, acknowledging our being the first in the county to donate conservation easements on our land 21 years ago. Our dream is that this 162 acres will survive to become an old growth forest, despite the climate chaos-increased wildfires and pest invasions. As I wrote about these conservation easements in 1997:

Grow old with me, my woods.
Long after we are gone,
They will not cut you down.

Putting up our “Power Pole.” We continue to live in our motorhome on an adjoining parcel, as we’ve done since 2010 when not traveling. Just in time for cold winter weather, we’ve nearly completed our own “power pole,” using alternate energy to provide what we need in cold winters. A quiet, efficient generator powers, among other things, a dehumidifier to reduce condensation and mold indoors. We have fresh batteries for the motorhome and new solar panels across the meadow. We’re breathing easier.

Coming out of the red. Thank you to those who responded to our summer financial appeal. We’re not quite into the black yet, so think of us in your end-of-year giving. (2014 was the first year donations didn’t cover expenses).

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Widening Circles 

CBsymposiumJanaia was honored to be pre-recorded as one of ten guests in an interactive online symposium Carolyn Baker is offering. Called Living Your Passion and Purpose in the Face of Humanity’s Greatest Challenge, it includes people we deeply respect like Derrick Jensen, Dhar Jamail, Linda Buzzell, and Andrew Harvey. Guests were asked to share from our hearts, not our heads. Each guest will participate in the live group discussion during the session our interview is shown. The symposium is every Tuesday and Thursday from January 18 through February 19th. Price is discounted from $95 to $75 if you sign up before December 15th. Hope you can join in! (We’ve conversed with Carolyn in The Sacred Demise of Industrial Civilization, #169 and How Shall We Live, With the Earth in Crisis, #250.)

Carolyn Baker just completed a northern California tour, including a mini-workshop in our community, on Global Crisis as Spiritual Practice. We recorded a three-way conversation with her, Ivey Cone (producer of Fuki Cafe) and Janaia. Coming soon to Peak Moment TV!

Entrevista con Lierre Keith, autora de El Mito Vegetariano. Monica Fernandez of has produced a Spanish-subtitled version of “The Vegetarian Myth” #191 with Lierre Keith. We’re delighted to have our shows reach wider audiences in this way. Thank you Monica!

Filmmaker Dave Gardner (Hooked on Growth – Meet the Filmmaker, #177) at Citizen-Powered Media has launched a weekly Conversation Earth radio and podcast series. He has interviewed some of my favorite thinkers like Juliet Schor, Herman Daily, Robert Jensen, William Catton, and Al Bartlett.

I trust Nicole Foss’s big picture wisdom in economics and life preparation (We videoed her in Smart Choices for Meeting the Coming Bust, part 1 and part 2). She’s offering a 3-hour downloadable video; read a good summary at LImits to Economic Growth – Challenge and Choices.

Janaia’s Journal


Janaia interviewed on Nature Bats Last (audio). I talked about how we got into doing Peak Moment and more. Interviewed by Mike Sliwa and Guy McPherson (Climate Change and Human Extinction – A Personal Perspective, #262). You can listen or download here.

Poo to Peaches – a composting toilet book. This “first-of-a-kind” composting toilet book teaches kids and adults about composting toilets and the nutrient cycle. Way to go! Get ’em started young!

Readying Le Cube. A small picture essay of our installing shelving in the “high cube” shipping container.

Janaia Offers the Last Word in Grief Video151204_McPherson_Cone in response to Guy McPherson announcing he’s arrived at the Seventh stage of Kubler-Ross’s Five Stages of Grief, which has caused quite a stir!



Growing Veterans – From Battlefields to Organic Farm FieldsGrowingVeterans_550. Chris Brown founded Growing Veterans to help returning veterans like himself break their isolation, gain job skills and support each another in their transition back into society. Episode 293.


The Animals are Allies at Inspiration FarmPM294a_640. “My worms are my hardest working critters…along with all my other critters” says permaculturist farmer Brian Kerkvliet.  Meet chickens who plant and harvest, and “natural rototiller” pigs. Episode 294.


PM295_640What Goes Around Comes Around at the Bicycle ReCyclery. Behind us, people of all ages are fixing and assembling bikes. Founder Chauncey Tudhope-Locklear and Board President Kees Kolff explain how opportunities exploded when the Recylery became a non-profit organization. Episode 295.


pm296_640Beyond “How to Save the World”. When Dave Pollard started his blog “How to Save the World” over a decade ago, he believed he might actually play a role in changing the world. Rather than trying to prevent the end of industrial growth civilization, Dave suggests four things we can do. Episode 296.


pm297_640Visit McCaskill Street — Forging Community through Resource Sharing. It all started with neighbors meeting to save money and share information around energy, water, food and more. It has grown into shared projects, shared tools and deepened friendships. See the huge wall mural, visit the chicken coop co-op and boulevard orchard. Episode 297.

A Viewer says

“I’ve learned so much from your interviews
and have been inspired to change my own way of living
to exist in a more sustainable way. 
Yours is truly a life well-lived..” − Charlene B.

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