Sunshine Coast Adventures Begin


We headed north from California in the last week of September. When we tried to cross the border on October 1st, we were turned back because we needed additional documentation. We spent a few days in Bellingham writing and compiling that information. Our Canadian friends Gael and Shelley, whom we’d met at the New Tribe Training in Ashland Oregon (here’s my blog about it), gave us supportive edits and strategies. On our second border crossing, we were blessed by having a border guard who complimented us on the thorough and professional documentation, and granted us a three-month visit.

Her decision was affected by our receiving word last July that our application for Canadian permanent residency was denied on the basis that we had not shown that our self-employed business would “significantly contribute to the Canadian economy.” Peak Moment TV has only covered its out-of-pocket expenses, much less paying us or others. We had not understood from the guidelines that we needed to “significantly contribute” economically — or perhaps that is a more recent requirement than when we applied.


Mission Point with Vancouver Island in the distance. Photo by Robin Mallgren.

That evening we parked our rolling home beneath the fir trees in front of Gael’s house, two doors down from Shelley’s house. In front of their houses stretch the waters of Georgia Strait, the northern portion of “The Salish Sea” which extends south to Puget Sound, where Robin was raised in Olympia. Across the sparkling waters to the west, brightly backlit clouds rolled over the mountains on Vancouver Island. Beside Shelley’s house, Chapman Creek poured into the salty waters where flocks of ducks and seagulls fished for fresh food upwelling at the confluence.

We enjoyed several days of sunshine, much-needed rest, and shared meals with our new friends, including Canadian Thanksgiving Day with Shelley while Gael was with family in Victoria. Shelley led us on a bike tour of the neighborhood, which is on tribal land, and residential regions beyond. We walked to Mission park, a tongue of land bordering Chapman Creek south of Davis Bay where stalwart fisher persons cast into the surf. Shelley introduced us to the seniors aerobics class (great fun!), the local butcher, and her card game “Bitch Rummy.” We’re getting grounded here, where the smells of the forest and the sound of the gentle rains overhead invoke deep home for Robin.

We’re thankful to have made it into Canada, and for good friends on both sides of the border… including you, friends, supporters and fans of Peak Moment Television.

Janaia & Robin

Widening Circles

You’ve missed only two sessions (and they have recordings)! Join Carolyn Baker’s online symposium Active Love: Beyond The Eleventh Hour, October 13-November 10.

reachinghands_4webI was honored to have my “Reaching Hands” painting included in the Summer 2016 issue of Deep Times. Based on Joanna Macy’s important work, and “drawing from deep ecology, systems theory and spiritual traditions, the Work That Reconnects builds motivation, creativity, courage and solidarity for the transition to a sustainable human culture.” My thanks to editor and Peak Moment guest Molly Brown. The whole issue is online at (my art is on page 3).

Community Rights educator Paul Cienfuegos  has written a stirring short essay, The People of Vermont vs Monsanto and the Feds. Excerpt: “The Community Rights movement has taught us that if we want to build real political power, we don’t beg and plead with our so-called leaders. We exercise our inherent authority to govern ourselves.” See Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule, part 1 and part 2.

O.U.R. Ecovillage on Vancouver Island is hosting a Sustainable Wellness-Re-membering program with a focus on detoxing all aspects of life, a gentle yet deep dive into a different way to communing with self, others and the earth. November 9-13.

Peak Moment Videos

PM311_640Tour Salt Spring Island’s Local Meat Processing Facility. Anne Macey gives a tour from animal holding pens to humane harvesting, processing, meat cutting and packaging. This small local operation is a far cry from the enormous inhumane confined animal feedlot operations (CAFOs) where most meat is processed. (Episode 311).

PM313_money_640Beautiful Money — Salt Spring Island’s Community Currency. See Salt Spring Island’s beautiful, widely-accepted currency. It helps the local economy, and features local artists’ work. Michael Contardi explains how it works and what helped it be readily accepted. (Episode 313).

pm314_640The Once and Future World — Rewilding Nature and Us. Can you imagine our world with far, far more wildlife—perhaps as much as 90% more? J.B. MacKinnon, author of The Once and Future World invites us to build the wild back into our living spaces, and to redevelop a cultural understanding of how to live alongside nature. (Episode 314).

pm315_640Forging Alternatives to the Growth Economy — Examples from the Real World. Is it possible to forge a steady-state economy that is socially, ecologically and economically sensible and sustainable? Mike Lewis says YES and provides real-world examples of alternative pathways to the rapacious and planet-destroying growth economy. (Episode 315).

pm316_640Knowing and Using Our Gifts. What were you born to do? Ellen Hayakawa helps people find their unique gifts through heir values, life purpose, visions and missions. She also works with gifted/psychic/intuitive children, sensitive yet often misunderstood. (Episode 316).

A Viewer says

“it is delightful to see how women like you and your guests
bring a special gentle light to the whole range of earth nurturing
and life-preserving ideas and practices. It is almost like a flourishing
of a holistic feminism, inspiring to all of us humans.”

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