Springing into Summer at Lone Bobcat Woods

This newsletter is short and sweet — we’re taking time to enjoy the lovely outdoors this spring-almost summer. A surround-sound of returning birds and friendly frogs serenades us as we complete homestead projects and make ourselves more at home in Bearhaven meadow at Lone Bobcat Woods.

We also continue producing more of the shows we taped in the Pacific Northwest in 2010. We haven’t yet formulated plans for our next tour. But as always, we welcome your suggestions of people and projects for Peak Moment conversations, and places we can park.

I’m giving away some media I’ve reviewed. Take a look below.

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We’re giving away…

Is there a youngster you know, probably aged 8-12, who’d enjoy reading a story about an energetic teen waking up to resource limits and initiating a great neighborhood project? Luz Sees the Light, a dynamic graphic book (my review here).


A stack of Yes! magazines to give away at your local green festival or transition gathering. 9 Strategies to End Corporate Rule (~30 copies) and Making It Home(~50 copies). I’ll divide up them up among requesters.

Contact us. We’d appreciate your paying postage if possible.

Widening Circles

If you have a few minutes for cosmic beauty, enjoy this video from NASA: Pursuit of Light: NASA and Moby Capture the Magic of the Cosmos.

Scarcity – Humanity’s Final Chapter? by Chris Clugston, a new book about humanity’s predicament: the natural resource utilization behavior that perpetuates our “success” (the industrialized American-style life) — is simultaneously undermining our existence as a species.

“Sustainable lives are smaller lives. They’re lives that are in sync with the community, with the earth, with each other. Scalable lives require us to extend ourselves beyond ourselves” and perhaps should be restrained or redefined. Esha Chabra in “Is our Hunger for Scale Starving Real Growth?

Janaia’s Journal

“I wondered what sort of novel might arise from the writer/director of the ahead-of-its time documentary What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire.” All of the Above by Timothy Scott Bennett is a great page-turner, and is both really far out and in. Read my review. (Meet Tim and producer Sally Erickson in “What a Way to Go: Meet the Filmmakers,” Peak Moment episode 72).

Luz Sees the Light: Graphical Novel with a Teen Eco-Heroine. Luz is a role model for modern girls in an action-packed graphic novel by author/illustrator Claudia Davila. This energetic young teen becomes increasingly aware of environment troubles, and initiates a great neighborhood project.

The Great Oak: Sacrifice and Liberation. “Very reluctantly, and with much deliberation, we had an ancestral black oak felled where we’re living in the Little House (RV) at Bearhaven meadow.”

Janaia’s Journal of essays and pictures is about people we’re taping, who I’m reading or watching, life on the road and at home, and reflections.

Latest programs and reviews

The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace

“This is a very important piece of music, a very powerful piece of music,” says Ken Hardin, conductor of Sierra Master Chorale. In advance of their performances on May 17 and 20, 2012, he provides a musical guided tour of this contemporary work by Karl Jenkins, commissioned by the Royal Armouries Museum for their Millennium celebrations. Although outside of Peak Moment TV’s normal scope, this music can move us beyond our heads and into our hearts. With texts drawn from many continents, and musical idioms from the middle ages to modern, this music is challenging, moving, inspiring, disturbing, and uplifting. As one chorister notes, “It’s like nothing I’ve ever done musically.” (Episode 212)

Two Households, One Car
At first Judy Alexander was reluctant to share a car with neighbors Richard and Sue Dandridge. But their invitation intrigued her, especially since her aging car felt unsafe for long trips. After a trial year, she found the arrangement freeing and sold her car. Judy and Richard discuss their process — the agreement, scheduling, upkeep, and changing life circumstances. Beyond saving money on maintenance and insurance, there are a lot of unexpected benefits: shared errands, closer relationships, and simpler living. (Episode 213)

A Longtime Peak Moment Friend Says

“I am in utter awe of The Yuba Gals’ accomplishment over the past several years.
With minimal resources, no grants, you have created a vast visual library of essential
materials for revisioning our communities and creating major worldwide paradigm shift.
And you gift it to the world for free, available on the net for the mere taking.
 — Adam Heilbrun

Thanks for your support!
— Janaia and Robyn

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