Seeing Daylight and Beyond

150711-sunset-LBW-640On summer solstice, I started to write that we’re beginning to see daylight from our bumpy re-entry back at Lone Bobcat Woods. Then we discovered that 1100 gallons of water had drained from our water tank — much of a year’s supply for us here.

Daylight IS appearing now. We’ve found the leak. Our generators are tuned and working, so we have electricity. We found a high-speed internet source in town from which to upload our programs. We’re still breathing.


Thank you to everyone who wrote and/or sent good energy our way after our May news. Your support buoyed our spirits tremendously. Our spirits are also lifted by being at home among wildflowers in the meadow, lightning flashing directly overhead from only a half-mile away(!), and a some gorgeous sunsets.

Can you help me find some magical music? I need to replace about seven minutes in the sound track of “The Little Fir and the Christmas Tree Angel.” This is a heartwarming story I illustrated 30+ years ago, which we’re now producing as a video. More info just below. Details and the audio tracks I need to replace are here.

We need your financial help. 2014 was the first time in Peak Moment Television’s nine years in which contributions or sales didn’t cover our out-of-pocket expenses. (We don’t pay ourselves). Can you help us not repeat that loss for 2015? Donate here. If you know of potential sponsors or granting sources, please let us know. We deeply appreciate your support.

For the journey~
Janaia and Robin

Janaia’s Journal


Help me find magical music for my story. I’m looking for existing music or a composer who can express deep emotion in a soundtrack-style arc of emotion which changes from sadness to hopefulness; from despair to peace to joy. Please listen to the tracks so you know what I’m looking for (they’re short). Illustrating this story transformed my life, my work, and was responsible for our getting into video!

New Videos from Peak Moment TV


Earth Repair – Homegrown Healing of Toxic Lands, part 1

Leila Darwish, the author of Earth Repair, shares inspiring stories of grassroots people cleaning up toxic and polluted sites – practical steps to decontaminate using plants, fungi and microbes. Episode 284.


Earth Repair – Homegrown Healing of Toxic Lands, part 2

Leila counsels patience for grassroots people cleaning up polluted sites as they experiment with plants, fungi and microbes to decontaminate toxic sites. Episode 285.


Farmer George — Growing Animals Like Grandpa Did, part 1

Farmer George’s pasture-raised animals roam free in fresh air and sunlight. Healthy animals + soil = healthy organic meat. Episode 286.


Farmer George — Growing Animals Like Grandpa Did, part 2

Farmer George’s organic practices include humane treatment of animals. People search out his pastured products for clean food, and to regain their health. Episode 287.

pm288_640Building Community from Your Front Porch

How well do you know your neighbors? Can you count on them (and they you) if need be? Michelle Colussi has great stories about neighborhood resilience & friendships. Episode 288.

PM289_640Grow Your Food in a Nook and Cranny Garden, part 1

Chickens are naturally forest birds! Tour Ann and Gord Baird’s chicken yard with a fruit tree canopy to protect against predators. Plus a hobbit-ish cob root “cellar” and living roof shed planted in squashes. Episode 289.

pm290_640Grow Your Food in a Nook and Cranny Garden, part 2

In the Baird’s food forest, perennial plants are replacing annuals. Their cob oven and bench warm the cob greenhouse, growing sub-tropical plants in southern Canada. Episode 290.


pm291_640Living Each Moment in the Face of Abrupt Climate Change

“It’s pretty clear by now the methane gun has been fired in the Arctic ocean, so we’re headed for very abrupt warming. What does that mean in terms of how we live? I think it means we live with urgency. We live with love. We live passionately.” Guy McPherson is current with the latest climate data. With humor and hard-won wisdom, he shares his response and others’ to the news. Episode 291. Read his frequently updated Climate Change Summary on Nature Bats Last.

Ayleys_593Local Currency — Money for Us, Not the Bankers

Francis and Lia Ayley share about a viable regional currency bringing abundance and relationships, not increasing debt and scarcity like the existing money system. Episode 292.

A Viewer says

“ It is said that when an interview is going well,
the interviewer and the interviewee ‘dance.’
It was wonderful to watch you verbally dance,
and then actually sing!”
[with singer Pauline LeBel, episode 275]
− YouTube viewer

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