May News from Peak Moment TV


Things are moving!! And they’re moving with an overriding theme of Sharing. It’s not just our recent conversations on a sharing garden and tool libraries. Or the conversation we just taped with two lawyers working to make sharing commonplace.

We’re renting our house at Lone Bobcat Woods (shown above, complete with visitors like the one at left, who stopped by a couple days ago).

We’re renting it furnished. So in reality we’ll be sharing our furnishings and kitchenware, while using the laundry and a room to store our belongings. We’ve begun the Giveway, with our emergency food stores going to a friend. Freecycle, here we come!

Perhaps you’ll join in our sharing and giveway? Over the next few months, we may share with you items we hope to pass along, some perhaps in your direction. Like Janaia’s art needing loving homes.

Mark the moment: We were behind the cameras with the CollapseNet media team on May 22nd when Michael C. Ruppert announced the arrival of a new human species, “Post-Petroleum Human” and Dmitry Orlov envisioned “The Twilight of the Antipodes.” More on my blog including links to both presentations.

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