Into The Next Story: Our 2018 News

I’ve thought to write our news since last winter, but we were between stories. Now we’re solidly in the next story — personal and regional, if not planetary. As I write, smoke from the nearby “Camp Fire” fills our woods like fog, blotting out the sun. The fire easily could’ve been here. We’re in the midst of Climate change effects in the Sierra Nevada, just as described in 2006 by one of our first Peak Moment guests.

Our personal new story is that we’ve planted ourselves back in Nevada City and are building our network of friends. Longtime drummer Robin is taking conga drumming lessons, keeping her brain and hands active. Janaia meets weekly with a supportive group of women friends. As members of Yuba Spirit Threshold Singers, we are singing comforting songs at bedside for those dying, ill, or grieving. The music is heart-full, harmonic, comforting — for us as well as the client. (Janaia’s logo design at left)

We also meet weekly with the Nevada County “New Tribe,” whose members are committed to being there for one another for the rest of our lives. The “New Tribe” model was originated by Bill Kauth and Zoe Alowan, who we interviewed after taking their training in 2016: Longing to Belong: looking for your Tribe?

We’re erecting a metal RV shelter to keep rain and snow off our motorhome “tiny house” roof. We also continue doing woods-work to create defensible space along the roads on the 120 acres we are stewarding, especially as California wildfire season is nearly year-round now.

Robin’s memory is declining. It has become increasingly noticeable in the last few years, despite her work in the past decade with naturopaths and functional medicine doctors on autoimmunity, parasites, hormonal imbalance, removal of heavy metals, and reducing inflammation. In 2017 she was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in the area of memory. Last spring a brain MRI showed “significant atrophy” in both hippocampi, where memory is stored. This month she begins working with a physician exclusively dedicated to implementing Dr. Dale Bredesen’s protocol, as documented in The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Reverse and Prevent Cognitive Decline.

This has changed everything. As well as adapting to minute-by-minute situations, Janaia has taken on more tasks, with increasing fatigue and stress. That’s why we’re building our network at home. We do not have children for backup care as we age. We need a community for mutual and individual support in the coming years.

All of this local activity — investing in the present for the future — has meant less time is available for Peak Moment TV production. We published two Peak Moment episodes in 2018 (rather than an average of 22 several years ago). But we’re not considering that it’s “The End.” Several more shows “in the can” are waiting to be produced. We will record new shows as opportunities arise, such as a recent interview with Stephen Jenkinson about his new book Come of Age: The Case for Elderhood in a Time of Trouble (forthcoming).

We treasure your support, now and throughout the lifetime of Peak Moment TV. We’re proud and grateful to be of service at this critical time in Earth’s history. Viewers tell us we’ve helped them change their lives for the better, and we’ve spread important ideas, like locally-reliant living. Now that we’re deepening our community ties, we are more locally-reliant as well.

Warmly,  Janaia and Robin

Videos and Music CDs for you

For the price of postage ($3): We have three DVDs of Reclaiming Democracy presentation by Thomas Linzey, and four DVDs of programs 320-323 (Food and Community, Deep Nutrition, Dying Consciously, Open Source Seeds). Contribute at least $3 to Peak Moment. Or we’ll gift it if you’re a current contributor. Email Janaia with your selection.

And thanks to planet-loving singer songwriter Dana Lyons, we have one copy of each of these CDs as a premium for contributors: Cows with Guns (listen to this hilarious theme song), At Night They Howl at the Moon: Environmental Songs for Kids, and The Great Salish Sea. Contribute at least $30 to Peak Moment and email Janaia with your choice.

Widening Circles

Many groups have taken up topics and issues we put out on the internet over the past 13 years.

That doesn’t count hundreds of other culture-changers, the guests who are Peak Moment’s “Stars.”

Peak Moment Videos

For Humans, Bugs and Beauty — An Urban Food Forest Demonstration with architect Mark Lakeman (#333). “This place is famous. People loving coming by here because at any time of year you can get something to eat.”


Pine Mountain Ranch — Where the Buffalo Roam with rancher Alan Rousseau (#334). “A rancher could really be called a grass farmer,” contends rancher Alan Rousseau. “But let’s go further. Let’s go to the soil.” Tour his high country Oregon ranch.


The Resilient Gardener — Surviving and Thriving with plant breeder Carol Deppe (#335). “We’ve had 50 years of unusually stable weather… What do we need to do now, to garden in times that are less predictable?”


Learning Outside the Box — Homeschooling with Heart with the Mendonca family (#336). Professional dancers Veronica and Mark Mendonca are nurturing creativity in their twins Kaoli and Maceo by homeschooling them, allowing the youngsters’ curiosity and creativity to emerge and be expressed.

A Viewer and Supporter says

“We need people who acknowledge the crisis in which we find ourselves.
Your interviews give such vivid examples how people can change attitudes
and behaviors in their local communities.” — Leo and Marj Immonen

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  1. I’m leading a group of UUCMers through an Aging Workshop running on the second Saturday of each month at 1 – 3 p.m. – the next one is March 9 -Navigating the Aging Journey – with Heather Heckler and Ann Guera from Connecting Point as our featured speakers. I’d love to have you drop in to “visit” and maybe sometime share a program with us (maybe one f your videos or a series). We need to talk! Luv you!

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