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August 2012. We’ve taken a vacation from newsletters this summer. In physical space, we’re thinning our woods to slow any wildfire coming up the South Yuba River canyon (may it not happen!) As we finish projects around Lone Bobcat Woods, we’re freeing ourselves to be “up for grabs in the Universe” including a tour to tape new shows (no imminent plans).

In cyber space, every two weeks we produce a Peak Moment episode (linked below). We’re also moving everything on our current website to a new one (stay tuned for launch!)

With the hottest July on record in the U.S., the scientific consensus is that “there is virtually no explanation other than climate change” (NASA’s James Hansen). You can even see the Midwest drought effects from space. Climate change denial appears to be waning, hammered by stark physical reality.

I’ve been reading a new book by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone, Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We’re in without Going Crazy, which dovetails synchronistically with listening to Guy Dauncey’s rousing conversation on The Great Transition (upcoming episode 218). More …

We appreciate what you bring to Peak Moment TV — watching shows and reading the journal, positive thoughts, financial donations, show ideas, and your work on behalf of all life.

Janaia & Robyn

Widening Circles

Suburban Renewal advocate Jan Spencer (episodes 37 & 174) and other Eugene, Oregon friends are offering a Neighborhood Permaculture Design Course including specifics for transforming suburban properties. It’s one weekend per month Sept 2012 through April 2013

Online courses Introduction to Sustainability and Building Energy Analysis  taught by Christopher Paddon are open to anybody anywhere. Email Christopher, who you can meet in Titanic Lifeboat Academy – Navigating a Path to Resilience, episode 216.

What a natural place to share Peak Moment videos — on the inspiring site! Sharers can watch Sharing Lawyers Lower the Bar (episode 210) and Two Households, One Car (episode 213).

Would you like a stack of Yes! magazines to share in your community? The summer issue is on Your Body.  We’d appreciate if you’d pay the postage. Email us. (What we didn’t find in this issue is awareness of the tremendous health value of the low carbohydrate, high fat diet which has transformed our lives, and which our bodies are designed for. More on that in future blogs.)

Greg Crawford’s Earthen House Built by Hand (episode 215) was picked up by OregonLive, along with Dee Williams’ plea to help a friend whose uninsured tiny house under construction burned to the trailer frame. Email Dee, who you can meet in Portable House, Simple Life (episode 197).

Janaia’s Journal

Hooked on Growth Documentary from GrowthBusters “is the quintessential David vs. Goliath story, starring modern-day filmmaker David (yes, his real name!!) Gardner in his autobiographical crusade against industrial civilization’s prevailing and largely unquestioned myth that Growth is Good, whether it’s populations or economies. As he points out, infinite growth doesn’t work a finite planet…”

Practice Collapse Now and Avoid the Rush. “Robyn not and I call it ‘collapse practice.’ If we choose to change, even with a spirit of playfulness or adventure, it’s a whole lot easier than when we’re backed into a corner. Here are some collapse practice ideas off the top of my head, in any particular order…”

The Great Transition touches on uplifting messages from Guy Dauncey on Solving the Environmental Crises – We Can Do It! (upcoming episode 218) and a new book from Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone based on decades of activism (even as the situation appears to be worsening), Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We’re in without Going Crazy


Joel Salatin and the Straight Poop on Sustainable Farming (episode 211) by Anthea Hudson on Transition Voice

By Sami Grover on Treehugger:

Sustainability Lessons from the Great Depression (episode 209 with Janaia’s mom Rowena)

How the Law Stops Us from Sharing, And What We Can Do To Change It (episode 210)

Fertile Soils Need Animal Agriculture: Joel Salatin on Integrated Farming (episode 211)

How to Save Money By Sharing Your Car With Neighbors (episode 213)

Peak Moment episodes and reviews

Rocket Stoves – Hot, Healthy, Efficient

Mike Hatfield says the magic of a rocket stove is getting the heat into what you’re trying to heat. His tour of a rocket stove reflects designs perfected for decades at Aprovecho Research Center in rural Oregon. They also test and suggest improvements to stoves from developing countries, aiming to reduce smoke to help children’s respiratory health. Fred Colgan shows specialized stove parts and assembly jigs he ships to developing countries, where local people construct rocket stoves from mostly local materials. Appropriate technology at its best! (episode 214).

How the Grassroots Rocket Stove Movement Continues to Push Efficient Cooking  Review by Sami Grover, Treehugger

An Earthen House Built by Hand

“I think it’s very very important to know you can provide things for yourself… build your own house… grow your own food… make your own medicine.” Walking his talk, Greg Crawford shows the magical wattle-and-cob house he built with hand tools using local materials: alder trees in the surrounding forest, and clay from what later became the house floor. Building his house was an “experiment in intuitive architecture … using common sense while “letting the building evolve, change and grow on its own.” (episode 215)

Fascinating Ramshackle Earth House is Built by Hand  Review by Sami Grover, Treehugger

Titanic Lifeboat Academy – Navigating a Path to Resilience

Caren Black and Christopher Paddon couldn’t find mentors to teach them self-reliant living when they became aware of peak oil. So they created a homestead and opened their doors to training others. People can take a personalized Lifeboat Course online or in person, where hands-on learning includes food production with domestic animals and gardens, renewable energy, and carpentry skills. “We’re all in this together,” Christopher notes, so the couple educate, volunteer and share to also make their community more resilient (episode 216).

Portland’s Backyard Fruit – From Waste to Feast

“We look forward to a time when we’re really able to harvest all of the fruit trees in the city that aren’t being fully utilized,” envisions Katy Kolker, founder and executive director of Portland Fruit Tree Project. Volunteer groups harvest trees whose fruit would otherwise go to waste. Half of the fruit goes to neighborhood food banks, and the remainder goes home with the volunteers. Tree Care workshops offered to the public cover pruning, thinning and pest and disease control. They also train Tree Care Teams who adopt clusters of fruit trees in a neighborhood. From harvesting 8000 pounds of fruit in 2008 to three times that in 2010, this growing project is bearing fruit and benefitting thousands. (episode 217)

Tempted by the Fruit of Another  Review by Anthea Hudson, Transition Voice

Community Group Harvests 25,000 lbs of Fruit from Unloved Trees Review by Sami Grover, Treehugger

A Viewer Says

“Ms. Donaldson, I just think you do such a great job…You actually remind me of my Mom a little…with your depth of understanding, in touch with both the words and spirit of your guests…”    — YouTube viewer Dave Hutchinson

Thanks for your support! — Janaia and Robyn

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