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We’re headed back to Canada in a few weeks! We so loved the people and places we visited there in 2013-2014 that we decided to relocate to the Salish Sea area of Canada if we can (plus it’s a return for Robin to her native Puget Sound region). Then, in the New Tribe Training we attended last May, we were invited by two women from Sechelt, B.C. to join their newly-forming Sunshine Coast Tribe. We accepted! Being members of a “tribe” or community has been a growing dream for us, especially as we age: a place to use our personal gifts and skills within a social safety net. So we’re heading north to get to know our tribe-mates and their human and natural communities. We feel this is a serendipitous gift from the Universe to which our hearts are singing “Yes”!

Thank you again for your support in all its forms. We always treasure your feedback, as well as your monthly and one-time financial donations. If you know anyone in the Sunshine Coast area of British Columbia who might host us for awhile, please email us!

Journey Well~
Robin and Janaia

Widening Circles

If you are interested in “New Tribe,” watch our two part Peak Moment show with the facilitators of the New Tribe Training (Longing to Belong: Looking for Your Tribe? part 1 and part 2). They’re offering upcoming trainings in Asheville, North Carolina (October) and Portland, Oregon (December).

O.U.R. Ecovillage (Vancouver Island) is hosting a ReStory festival on August 20th, a “global storytelling festival to restory our collective future.” Tellers include Charles Eisenstein, Patch Adams, Ian MacKenzie and many more.

Janaia’s Journal

A Frog Blogpond_spring_2016_640. Listen to the happy springtime Pacific Chorus Frogs in our pond regaling us with effusive song!

A New Tribe Training Transforms our Lives. What would it be like to be part of a group of deep friends who live nearby people committed to being there for one another come what may, building intimacy and trust over the years?

Savoring the Peak Moments of Our LivesCB-Lifeboat-Hr-Logo1: Podcast of Janaia interviewed by Carolyn Baker



Peak Moment Shows

StephenH3_560Vertical Gardening for Small Spaces. Stephen Hindrichs shows three approaches to growing vertically in limited space in his Sooke, B.C., backyard garden: a south wall, an aeroponic system, and a barrel garden (episode 303).


pm304_640What About Veganism? “The more we take back our ancestral roots and eat the diet our ancestors ate, we go back to what is the most natural for our physiological makeup,” says Nora Gedgaudas, author of Primal Body, Primal Mind (episode 304).


pm305_640Making Meaning for the Ending of Our Days, part 1 and part 2. Stephen Jenkinson made keen observations in his decades working with the dying. The author of Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul observed that our high-technology medical system often makes things harder for dying people. In our death-phobic culture, how can we do it differently? (episodes 305 & 306)

PM307_640Sooke Harbour House & Restaurant – Pioneers of Local. Innkeepers Frederique and Sinclair Phillip pioneered locally-sourced cuisine decades ago. Head Chef Oliver Kienast prepares meals from their own gardens, foraged foods, fresh-caught fish as well as locally farmed animals and plants (episode 307).

PM308_640Longing to Belong: Looking for Your Tribe?, part 1 and part 2. “You can take people out of the tribe, but you can’t take the tribe out of the people.” Bill Kauth and Zoe Alowan share a model for community where people live in their own homes and commit to staying in place and being there fully for one another (episodes 308 & 309).

pm310_640Seeds for Our Future – How Shall We Feed Ourselves? Dan Jason of Salt Spring Seeds passionately advocates our reconnecting with nature by growing “heirloom” plants started from open-pollinated seeds, unlike corporate-controlled seeds. Decades ago he co-founded “Seed Saturdays” for seed swaps and now is founding a local Seed Library (episode 310).

A Viewer says

“You guys can sniff out the most amazing things going on
and you do a wonderful job of presenting it!”
− Stephen Hindrichs

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