February News from Peak Moment TV

110224_jiglife_250.jpgIt’s been a quiet month as we recover from our marathon Pacific Northwest tour before returning to Lone Bobcat Woods in Nevada City. So I’ll keep this newsletter short and sweet. (photo: life in the mobile studio/RV).

Food seems to be the hot topic du jour. Our latest show is “Menu for the Future – Bringing Farmers to the Table”  and the prior one was about a Community-Supported Bakery.

Robyn and I are reading The Vegetarian Myth. Author Lierre Keith was a vegan for twenty years — and then learned how agriculture was destroying both the planet and human bodies, including hers.”Eating to Save the World” is my blog about the conversation we recently taped with Lierre. For us personally, the book is transforming our own eating another notch: reducing the grains.

And food is in the headlines: the recent Egyptian revolution was fueled in part by rising food prices. One commentator asks “Is a food crisis coming?” (and not just outside the U.S.) A longtime observer notes that “The World is One Poor Harvest Away from Chaos” because of the way we grow food.

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