Entering 2014 in Another Country

J&R_hike_446As a new year comes round again, we find ourselves living on an island in another country, and taking a much-needed rest. After an exhilarating and exhausting few months traveling north and videoing 41 new shows, we accepted an invitation to park ourselves for awhile on Bowen Island, northwest of Vancouver.

carson_200At this moment we’re also doing something altogether new: we are house- and critter-sitting in Victoria, British Columbia. We are caring for a new friend’s cat during the winter holidays in Victoria, a town we both love.

She referred us to another friend, who invited us not only to care for her house in January but also:

(sung to the tune of “The Ten Days of Christmas”)

7 fish a’swimming
4 cats a’purring
and a frog swimming backstroke in the tank.

So over the next few months of contraction and inwardness, we’ll produce some of the shows we’ve videoed and then turn south in April.

In January 2014 we start our ninth year of Peak Moment TV, with 254 shows and over 4 million viewings on YouTube. We pinch ourselves in wonder at the numbers. Who would’ve thought? Just two people doing what we can to make a contribution to Life.

And so are you. Thank you for supporting* us, and for doing all you do to make this world a better place.

With love,
Janaia & Robin

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BC provincial buildings at twilight (photo by Robin Mallgren)


  1. Meg Freeling says:

    Hello Janaia,

    After seeing one of your videos in which I had an instant flash of “I know that woman!” I am checking it out to see if it’s true. This goes way back… San Jose, California, 1967-8. I was not yet Meg Freeling but Peggy Houk. I was attending Foothill College in Los Altos Hills but spending numerous nights in a small San Jose apartment shared by you and I don’t remember who else. I think Lucia Coon (sp?) was also there. It was an important get-away for me to be there from time to time and away from the home of an older cousin where I was living at the time. If you are the same Jan Donaldson, then I thank you for your hospitality and the many conversations we shared.

    I am now in Columbus, OH after a full life in education (starting 4 different schools around the country) and business consulting (helping construction workers and others set up in-house learning programs in which the employees became teachers). Now I teach piano lessons, tend 2 cats, and research new avenues for deepening our relationship to a more healthy economics based on Rudolf Steiner’s 14 lectures on what he termed Associative Economics.

    Whether I’m on target or not, it would be nice to hear from you. I am intrigued with your interview project, which I have just discovered, almost by accident. (It came via a website on biodynamic farming.)

    Wishing you well in your journeys,

    Meg Freeling (aka Peggy Houk)

    Meg Freeling, M.S.Ed., Sound Learning, 189 E. Weisheimer Rd., Columbus, OH 43214
    614-267-7587 “megfree@aol.com or megfreeling@gmail.com

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