Celebrating Ten Years and 300 Shows

January-February 2016 we lived beside Janaia's sister's house near Tracy, California

January-February 2016 we lived beside Janaia’s sister’s house near Tracy, California

As I write, plentiful rains are blessing northern California. We can practically hear the ground slurping in the much-needed water. February frogs in the rising pond regale us with a throaty joyous chorus. Near us, on the south side of Round Mountain, bark beetles have killed hundreds of drought-stressed pines. Climate disruption is moving quickly.

Thank you for your year-end contributions. Our income totaled $7694, nearly meeting our goal of $9000. 2015 income sources were $4100 individual contributions, $40 DVD sales, and $3550 from YouTube ads. Our out-of-pocket expenses were $8917, primarily for internet services, archive media, equipment, repairs and utilities. As you can see by the numbers, your contribution matters in a big way.

Celebrating 10 years and 300 shows. We’d never imagined, from our beginnings a decade ago at our local community access TV station, that we’d grow to have a global audience, over 300 programs, and millions of viewers. We started by mailing VHS tapes to community-access TV stations, moved to DVDs for purchase, and now to free downloads on the internet. Thanks for traveling with us!

Upticking our income. We’re trying to find low-effort ways to increase our income. Every time you wait through the ad before our show starts on YouTube, you’re putting pennies in our pocket. We’re adding in-show links hoping more viewers will visit our website and help support us financially. We’re planning a set of “Best of Peak Moment TV” DVDs, with libraries and educational institutions in mind. If you know of a granting institution or sponsor on our wavelength, please let us know.

On the personal side, we plan to remain at home in Nevada City for the foreseeable future. We’ll produce programs from our 2013-2014 trip while sorting through our stuff after moving out of house and garage. We’re focusing on strengthening our health, which has been battered by parasites (both), autoimmune disease (Robin), and stress (Janaia).

With gratitude for life~
Janaia and Robin

Widening Circles

FreeTheSeedOpen Source Seed Initiative. Plant breeder and author Carol Deppe (Join the “Eat-all Greens” Garden Revolution, episode 282) is on the ground floor of the Open Source Seed Initiative, who are freeing seeds from being locked away from use by intellectual property rights. Buy their seeds, or partner as a seed producer! [osseeds.org]



Janaia’s Journal

Visualizations for a Healthy BreastMy_Holy_Breast_Whole_432. I don’t normally blog about my health or really personal issues, but I wanted to share these with you…. I am visualizing wholeness for my breasts. Many images and affirmations have arisen, seeming to have a life of their own — from cooling waterfalls to joyous flowers.




I’ll Farm Your Lawnpm298_640. Urban farmer Gabriel Frisch gives a tour of a residential front yard garden which supplies veggies for CSA boxes and sale at a growers market. Several homeowners provide water and land for his hyper-local enterprise in Vancouver B.C. (episode 298)

The Transition Bus A North American Odysseypm299_640. Camille and Charlotte convert a school bus and set out in search of alternative enterprises in North America: community-building, cooperative, worker-owned, socially just (episode 299).


Finding Emotional Resilience in Troubled Timespm300_640. How do you grapple with bigger, deeper issues like catastrophic climate change? Author Carolyn Baker and video producer Ivey Cone join Janaia in a wide-ranging conversation about keeping our hearts open while witnessing the crumbling of industrial civilization and more (episode 300).

Bringing the Wealth Home intelligent Design at InishOge Farmpm301_640. Tour a cob home warmed in winter with heat stored in summer (annualized geo-solar). This family stores its wealth in land, learning and their homestead, rather than in banks. Enjoy the blooper at the end! (episode 301)

Village Vancouver How Can A Big City Become a Village?pm302_640 Village Vancouver (B.C.) is empowering their city towards more localized living. Seeing Vancouver as a network of neighborhood-sized villages, they collaborate to support hundreds of grass roots projects like community gardens, street fairs, and film series (episode 302).

 A Viewer says

No matter how crappy my day may have been,
Peak Moment always settles the raging storm in my soul. Thank you.

− YouTuber AnnaBearForFreedom

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