Up Next – Association for the Study of Peak Oil Annual Conference

080921_at_aspo.jpgPeak Moment Television was on the scene at ASPO-USA, the annual conference of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil – USA,  September 21-23, 2008 in Sacramento, California. Upcoming episodes will include personal interviews along with excerpts from presentations.

First up will be Matt Simmons, reknowned energy investment banker, advisor to the Cheney energy task force, and author of Twilight in the Desert. His message was a zinger.

You’ll also hear from peak oil-savvy Jim Puplava of Financial Sense, Post Carbon Institute’s Julian Darley, Community Solutions’ Megan Quinn Bachman, Oil Drum’s Professor Goose (aka Kyle Saunders), ASPO co-founder Randy Udall, columnist Tom Whipple, and more.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks.


  1. Hi!
    It’s 2013 and almost nothing has happened. Governments are still on denial and most of the people are on denial too. They don’t want to hear.
    It’s scary and sad. The time is now. And it has been now for a decade.

    It feels good to have people like you, who really do something.
    This is a very fine program, i like it a lot. Thank you for your splendid work!

    • Indeed, official denial is total: Don’t scare the people, and keep the dollars coming in to the corporate masters. I think governments know full well, and are quietly acting — especially the militaries — to ensure supply. All over the planet, resource wars and more aggressive extraction of lower-grade fossil fuels (like fracking of natural gas) are signs of the desperation.

      Time to make life changes to ensure you’re less dependent on cheap energy.

      We appreciate your comments, Kirsi, and invite you to subscribe to our posts and/or newsletter (on the website).

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