To Counter Radiation and Nurture Yourself

110320_seaweed_2501.jpgI just came across some grounded and beautifully-spirited essays from Dori Midnight, the Midnight Apothecary. They offer recipes, foods, and practices in response to concerns about radiation from the Japan crisis.

I learned of these from Rady at Food Freedom, who posted a shortened version as Foods to Resist Radiation:

“As you’ve probably heard, there may be some radiation moving across the pacific in the next weeks heading towards the west coast from Japan. To keep going, be alive, and not shut down, we need courage, nourishment, and support – make a pot of soup!”

Dori’s Recipes for the Great Turning are in this longer essay, with recipes and “plant allies who can help support us in these times.”

Full Moon Hearts Breaking Open offers some practices to help us keep on keeping on: Get present, Gratitude, Grow, Grieve, Gather with people, Gentle, keep Going.

My heart, like so many of yours, is breaking for our world. While I feel full what sometimes feels like never-ending grief, I am also keenly aware of the beauty and resiliency in communities coming together, mobilizing actions, and taking care of one another. It’s so vital that we stay grounded right now. Grounded in the reality of the crisis and grounded in the reality of what opportunities arise for healing and transformation during a time of such uncertainty.

I invite you to ask yourself if your feelings of fear or grief can allow you to feel even more connected to everyone and everything, to the whole sparkling web of life?

And can you let it break your heart right open, so as you feel your pain for the world, you can sense that it is rooted in your love for the world and your love for life?

Thank you, Dori.

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