The Sustainable Ballard Festival


October 10, 2010, part 1. 10/10/10, Global Day of Doing to implement responses to the climate crisis, turned out to be busy one for us.

From our present home base in Seattle, Washington, we took in the 7th annual Sustainable Ballard Festival a few blocks from the year-round Grower’s Market. There was a demo on making a solar cooker from cardboard and aluminum foil; carshare and bikeshare programs; a bike maintenance demo and how to mount your bike on the city buses; final design of their Ballard bike racks, and an infant carseat re-use and recycling drop-off.

I spent a while chatting with Alex and Fulvio of the Salish Sea Trading Cooperative, cooking up a future show about their transporting CSA (community supported agriculture) produce boxes from the northern Olympic peninsula by sail to the Ballard area, where an electric truck brings them to the drop-off location. “Only four road miles from farm to customer pick-up” beamed Alex. And about twenty hours by sail. The transport of the past being revived for the future.

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