Synchronicity in the City

In a city the size of Portland, what are the chances of running into one of the five people you know that live here — and in an off-the-beaten track location? And that person happened to be the ONLY one we’d planned to visit that wasn’t available (he was caring for a friend after emergency surgery). And was our one host and guide for our 2006 taping tour, Daniel Lerch, the central force behind Post Carbon Cities?

Right. Astronomical. It happened today.

After taping a show in a suburban neighborhood village in southeast Portland, we headed miles to the west to investigate foldable bicycles. While out on our test ride along the streets in this industrial/commercial area, Robyn heard someone call her name. She turned.

It was Daniel! We were astonished.  Yes, synchronicities like this DO happen on our journey, which we take as affirmations that we’re on the right track. Still, this was a BIG stretch.

Daniel jumped out of his car for warm hugs and greetings. He asked if we’d visited “Free Geek” two blocks away. We shook our heads: never heard of it. Astonished that no-one in Portland had told us of it, and having only a few minutes, he escorted us there, two blocks away.

100813_freegeekliana_300.jpgWhen we walked in, the greeter Liane invited us to take a tour, and then took a second look at me. “I know you,” she exclaimed. “You’re on TV! From Peak Moment!”

My jaw dropped.

“My partner is obsessed with your show. We’ve watched the one about your place over and over again.”

Another synchronicity from the Universe, an affirmation. Our show is being watched by more folks than we could ever know, and it is making a difference in their lives.

Daniel grinned, then returned to his busy life. It was like we three met at the convergence of two parallel universes so he could escort us to our next place, and then disappear back into his universe.

Like it was his destiny to appear on just that day while we were out on a street riding bikes – he never would’ve recognized us in our car – even off our planned route. We three all were off our planned route, so the sync-up could happen.

Thank you Universe.


  1. Great post and terrific story. 🙂

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