Snow in Seattle


Robyn and I stepped out of the “little house” this morning to a great surprise – snow overnight! It snowed all day, blanketing the city in magical white. Now, this evening, winds are howling and rocking our “little house” tucked beneath the big conifer in Marita’s front yard. The forecast is for very cold temperatures overnight. We never imagined still being this far north when the winter winds came, but here we are!

As we drove to our appointment across town, I thought, what will life in the big city be like when propane and petroleum supplies are in serious decline? There won’t be enough trees to burn for fuel (not to mention the carbon!). For this moment, I am thankful for reflectix insulation on the windows, propane and electricity, and warm clothes procured from Goodwill.


  1. Katrien,
    Thanks for all your good wishes! Temperatures are down in the twenties, and we’re using about 2.5 gallons of propane a day to heat the “Little House.” When we closed off the vehicle cab with a large cardboard barrier, it got much cozier. A small but potent reminder that closing off rooms, like the reflectix (silver-sided bubble wrap) on the windows, all help reduce energy usage.

    We’re thankful for the beautiful white snow, the crisp air, sunset colors in the little park overlooking Puget Sound, and friends like you.

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    Gratefully~ Janaia

  2. Hi Janaia,
    stay warm in your little house!
    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and love the skinny on the shows and what all goes on behind the scenes.
    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving,

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