Seattle Community Farm – Fresh Produce for the Neighborhood

seattle-commty-farm-wc_600August 17, 2013. The small strip of land in the Rainer Vista area of Seattle was once an empty lot covered with trash and dead cars. Now it’s a small farm producing fresh produce for the neighborhood. The area has a lot of subsidized housing and not a lot of fresh produce markets. In the background of my painting you see some new Habitat for Humanity houses, built with sweat equity from their owners.

Seattle Community Farm is a project of Solid Ground’s Lettuce Link program. Farm coordinator Scott Behmer gave me a great tour of this three-year old project whose fresh produce goes to volunteers and local food banks. Scott plants what the residents eat. “In my home garden, I’d plant a lot of kale,” he explained. “But the residents prefer collard greens.”

There’s a separate garden for kids, with plant beds organized by the senses — plants to smell, plants to see, and plants to taste, and one dedicated to many mints. When I discovered the vermiculture bin, I pictured kids squealing as they lifted the lid to discover the creepy-crawly friends who convert food scraps to garden-good poop.

Join me for Scott’s tour in Seattle Community Farm – Growing Fresh Veggies for the Neighborhood (episode 283).


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