Savoring the Peak Moments of Our Lives


I was recently interviewed by Carolyn Baker for her “New Lifeboat Hour” podcast, to which she gave the delicious title above (thank you Carolyn!!) Carolyn is the author of numerous books, including Navigating the Coming Collapse, and Dark Gold: The Human Shadow and the Global Crisis. Carolyn’s Daily News Digest is one of my primary sources for real news, well outside mainstream media. Carolyn asked me:

  • What motivated you and Robin to start Peak Moment TV way back when?
  • What does the title mean?
  • What have you been seeing in the last decade of the show in terms of changes in responses; the people and projects involved; and the edges going forward?
  • You and Robin just attended a New Tribe Training. What is it, and what is drawing you to it?
  • On a daily basis what are some of the practical tools that you are using to navigate the emotional and spiritual challenges that abrupt climate change and global crises are bombarding you with?

And that last question leads to the podcast title. Part of my answer is about treasuring the wild nature we live in at Lone Bobcat Woods, and savoring each moment we’re privileged to be here, witnessing this extraordinary “peak moment” in Earth’s story.

Enjoy our conversation here:

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