Readying “Le Cube”


Top L to R: setting Le Cube; assembling and moving lighter shelving; Bottom: balancing the beam, let there be light

Here’s a small picture essay of our focus the last month or so, as we downsize and move belongings out of our house and garage. We had a pad leveled not far from our “little house” (RV), and brought in a shipping container we’ve named “Le Cube” since it’s a high cube model (top left). We purchased industrial-strength shelving to go along each side (top middle and right).

The heavier shelving is for pallets, and it would’ve taken three strong guys to assemble. With only the two of us, we had to use brains instead of brawn. Can you see the solution Robin came up with, when we had to mount a 75 pound beam onto two uprights — her at one upright, me at the other? bottom left.)

We’re in a full-court press to get our stuff into Le Cube. In the garage, Robin is wading through archeological layers of tools that go back through uncles and fathers to grandfathers and even great-grandfathers. The challenge is not knowing what to keep because we don’t know what our next living situation will be.


  1. Nancy baumeister says:

    Wow. I am wishing you well on your transition to a new life. If you come through Corvallis please visit. I would love to see you.

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