Michael Ruppert interviews Janaia Donaldson on Progressive Radio, Sunday Oct 10th, 6 pm PDT

Join us this Sunday October 10th when Janaia will be interviewed live by Michael C. Ruppert on his “Lifeboat Hour” on internet Progressive Radio at 6 pm Pacific Time.

We’ll focus on what Robyn and I are seeing on the ground, especially during our Pacific Northwest 2010 tour. The fun people are having, the creativity, the community spirit growing as people share gardens, tool libraries, fruit tree gleaning, local investing, disaster-prepared neighborhoods, and start localization groups like attendees at the recent Transition Cascadia 2010 summit.

Just before 6 pm Pacific Time, go to http://www.progressiveradionetwork.com/ and click on the button “Listen Here” at the upper right of the home page. During the show, phone in with your questions and comments at 888-878-4888 or email lifeboathour@collapsenet.com.

We taped a Peak Moment Conversation with Mike in 2006 “Pondering our Post-Petroleum Future.”  He’s the star of the documentary “Collapse” – (www.collapsemovie.com/) a stunning and very moving one-person narrative telling it like it is. Mike has recently formed Collapse Network, to help link together those who are creating “lifeboats” in their area for weathering the turbulence as society collapses.

If you can’t listen in, the interview will be archived at the same website. You can listen to it here.

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