Meet Farmer George and His Pastured Animals


Farmer George (top right) and Eiko Vojkevich (bottom left) at Skagit River Ranch

Skagit River Ranch nestles beside a sweeping bend in the Skagit River in northwest Washington. Salmon stir the waters while on land verdant pastures are dotted with grazing cattle, pigs, sheep, turkeys and chickens. These pastured animals are lovingly cared for, roaming out in fresh air, rotated from one pasture area to another to feed on fresh grasses.

We joined a good-sized crowd at the Skagit River Ranch Farm Day on September 21st. Family-friendly fun: cooking demonstrations, chicken poop bingo (yes, really),  live country music, pulled pork and beef dogs from ranch meats; and a tour with “Farmer George” Volkjovich.

We discovered Skagit River Ranch’s products at the Ballard Farmers Market, where we met George’s wife Eiko and daughter Nicole. Besides meat cuts, their products include bacon, sausage, ham, and eggs. (Yup, they’re great for breakfast).

We returned later to video a conversation with Farmer George. He told us, “To be a cow farmer you have to be a grass farmer.” He talked about supplementing the soil with a balance of minerals not found in their soils. About tuning to find the right grasses. And how our taste buds tell us when we’re eating nutrient-dense meats. Fits our experience!

Look forward to gaining wisdom straight from the mouth of a seasoned cow — err, grass — farmer.

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  1. I have a question about you conversation with Farmer George. At approximately 6:53 in the video, he mentions that ruminants horns’ “pick up frequency that charges the manure”. Can you elaborate on this please? It is the first time I have ever heard of this and I can’t find any information on this process. Thank you for your help and I really enjoy your videos!

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