Janaia Offers the Last Word in Grief Video


Guy McPherson, intrepid chronicler of abrupt climate disruption, recently declared he has arrived at stage #7 of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s Five Stages of Grief.* (His self-defined stage #6 is “Gallows Humor,” some of which he shared with us in Living Each Moment in the Face of Abrupt Climate Change, #291)

Guy’s 22-second “Fu*k It!” announcement caused a bit of a stir and a lot of blog comments. Now he has co-produced a responses video with our good friend Ivey Cone, producer of Fuki Cafe channel on YouTube. (Ivey interviewed me in Living with the Predicament #235 in 2013).

In this  21-minute program, about a dozen guests share what they mean when they’re at Guy’s stage #7, with a broad spectrum of responses. I’m honored to put in the last word in Fu*k It! @ The Fuki! What do you think?

*Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Grief, and finally Acceptance (not necessarily in that order, nor only once. We may revisit all of these stages many times after a loss).


  1. Glasses up in the air..Here, Here! Brilliant comment Janaia, thanks

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