Help me find magical music for my story

LittleFir_4web_600Dear music-loving friend,

I want your help. I’m looking for music to use in three short music tracks for “The Little Fir and the Christmas Tree Angel.” I’m producing a video of this heartwarming story I illustrated 30+ years ago. I’ve gotten permission for most of the original music track we created back then…except for these four cuts.

I’m looking for existing music, or for a composer/performer who can express these emotional depths.

Take a listen. Each cut is about 3-4 minutes long, and includes the narration, so you know the story line. The mood overall is intended to open our hearts.

1. The Christmas Tree Angel visits the trees at the tree farm. The mood is warm, gentle, loving.

1. The little tree in the Christmas tree lot isn’t chosen. The mood starts gently, and turns to loneliness and despair.

2. Unwanted trees are returned to the Christmas Tree farm. Sad, perhaps a touch of anger, then coming to peace.

3. The Christmas Tree angel gathers them up as they are burned, and each is transformed into an eternal star. Music starts tenderly, becomes joyful, celebratory, triumphant.

About the project

“The Little Fir and the Christmas Tree Angel” transformed my life, my art, and my graphics career. It’s why Robin and I got into video 13 years ago. Its music track was created by Stephen Hill and Anna Turner of Music from the Hearts of Space radio fame. Narration is by award-winning filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman. For many years I’ve shared it as a slide presentation. Now, I’m four tracks away from fulfilling my dream of creating a video to share more widely. Thank you for helping my dream come true.

With love and gratitude, Janaia

P.S. Will you also forward this to your music-loving friends who might have ideas, too?


  1. Sebastian says:

    beautiful story

  2. Peggy Wolf says:

    Hi Janaia,
    Just found your org and your site today, while searching for Janelle Orsi. Your work is very exciting and inspiring. I look forward to spending lots of time watching your programs. In the meantime, if you’re still looking for someone to provide some music, I highly recommend Julie Wolf. I admit a bias – Julie’s my sister. Her site:
    Best wishes,

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