From E! Entertainment: “Green Machines: “Climaxing on Peak Moment”

Well, somebody had to do it. A name like “Peak Moment” can be a spammer’s paradise. E! Entertainment TV took the bait with their online post titled Green Machines: Climaxing on Peak Moment. The sexual innuendo seems more fitting for their audience than ours: my approach couldn’t hold a candle to mainstream media’s boob-revealing celebs. But we’re pleased with the positive review. E! Entertainment’s post follows:

OK, we’re beside ourselves at discovering a TV series on YouTube devoted to sustainability in the era of “peak oil.”

Each 30-minute installment of the Peak Moment series addresses a different aspect of eco-friendliness and advises on practices that avoid dependence on foreign oil. Not dissimilar to your local PBS station’s magazine shows, an earnest host interviews her way around a worm farm, a green building project and a carpool group, as well as hosting roundtable discussions about energy vulnerability, forest management and compost.

Low-budget but well produced, directed and edited, the Peak Moment series features fascinating subject matter and shines a spotlight on significant small-scale efforts to make the world a better place.

Hosted on a community-driven site like YouTube, one finds oneself with the oh-so-encouraging feeling that we’re all in this together and actually happy to be sharing the ark. We have seen the future, and it is us!

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  1. Stuart M. says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! It’s high time you gals get some recognition.

  2. alternatives says:

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