Fed by Friends

veggieMandala_640Support for Peak Moment TV takes many forms. Yesterday I shared in a veggie bounty harvested by Patricia Parcells. I walked a few hundred feet down the road to the huge garden she shares with Christine Robin (their land also hosts the Sunrise Community garden).

We cut down all the aduki bean plants which are now ready to shell. I learned that sweet potatoes usually require hardening (with heat and moisture), and brought back some from their 2013 harvest.

I returned home with armfuls of kale, parsley, tomatoes, chard, beets, garlic, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe and parsley.

The veggies join the Italian plums and pears we’re harvesting from older trees right next to where our little house is parked. Our host Otmar Ebenhoech supplies us with AC power, internet signal, water, freezer space, and a mailbox.

We are fed by friends, metaphorically and physically. We are blessed by the sharing economy, ancient and future. It is the original economy and one well worth expanding in the days ahead. What if we could share so abundantly that money and its attendant scarcity became only a distant memory?

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