Dee Williams’ “Little House” – A Moveable Room of Her Own


August 24, 2010.

One moveable house, 7′ x 12′ on wheels, spacious wood-paneled interior and exterior, with sleeping loft, skylights, front porch, closet and bench seat.
One burner for cooking
One water crock, filled manually
One sink basin draining to bucket
One composting toilet
Two solar panels and related components
One propane heater
370 personal belongings
One aging sweet dog companion


Dee Williams simplified her life hugely, starting with shelter. In return she gained the riches of relationship, becoming a member of the extended family in whose backyard her Little House is parked.

As wonderful as the Little House is, the greatest delight in our conversation was Dee herself. Wise, witty, articulate. Stories and humor that you don’t want to end. A thoughtfulness that makes you think deeper about living with less stuff yet enriched by relationships. After all, as Dee quipped, “when you’re on your deathbed, you aren’t going to wish you’d bought more chotchkies.”

Dee has just published an e-book, Go House Go, which you can find at

Watch Portable House, Simple Life (episode 197).

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