Behind the Scenes Taping at Lone Bobcat Woods

100322_j_cb_250.jpgHere’s a behind-the-scenes view of our first Peak Moment Conversation taped with a remote guest — Carolyn Baker in Boulder, Colorado — with Janaia in our home “studio” in the kitchen (chosen for the interesting background).

What you’re seeing is Janaia talking with Carolyn using Skype internet video on her computer.

In the foreground is the camera which is videotaping Janaia and storing it directly on Robyn’s computer, where you see the image on the screen.

Glitches and problems arise when you’re working with multiple connections between internet, various computer platforms, several software applications, a video camera and even off-grid electricity.

We live just off the shoulders of the Information Highway. Internet is a primary limit we juggle with. No DSL. No cable.

By a fortunate stroke of geography in these here mountains, we usually manage to get a reasonable signal via digital internet thanks to a good roof antenna pointed AWAY from civilization to some unknown cell tower on the other side of the South Yuba River canyon. That is, except on weekday afternoons when the kids get out of school and rush to texting on their cellphones, when speeds race for the canyon bottom.

We’re using Technology for the Cause, I told a friend today. While it’s here and we can. And we’re grateful, because now we can converse with people whose ideas are worth sharing right now, regardless of where they live.

Just as we distribute the programs to people anywhere on the planet where internet is available — a development which had barely begun when we started this program four years ago, and now is a worldwide explosion.

What next?


  1. Very cool! Despite the glitches, technology is an amazing tool. 🙂

    Hugs to you both…

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