A Taste of Working On the Road

After three days of taping about Aprovecho center, we pulled up stakes to head north for the next stop.

It was also a full-on working day. Before we left, Robyn captured a mini-DV tape to her computer to edit the next show. I printed some DVD covers and prepared the description and picture for the next show to be uploaded to the internet.

100808_ivey_robyn_250.jpgWhen we stopped in Cottage Grove (Oregon) to provision ourselves, we hung out with our friend Ivey for about an hour while uploading to the internet the next Peak Moment TV show, “Hooked on Growth — Meet the Filmmaker.” It was our first experience uploading from the mobile studio — and a success!

As Robyn drove north, I drafted the blog entry for the shows we taped yesterday at Aprovecho Center and transferred the still pix to my computer.

We were welcomed to the Alpine Sharing Garden by its co-conspirators Llyn Peabody and Chris Burns. Though this was our first meeting, I instantly felt comfortable, like they’re family we just hadn’t seen for awhile.

100808_chris_llyn_robyn_250.jpgThey lavished on us a sumptuous local food feast made at Chris’s skilled hands, much of it from their gardens: sun-dried tomato and walnut pesto; hummus; basil pesto; fresh cucumber; baked tempeh and richly-flavored brown rice; home-baked multi-grain bread. Our feast in both food and conversation flowed like milk and honey!

After a refreshing walk through their gardens, we retired to our Little House (aka the Mobile Studio) and continued our full-on working day. I posted the just-uploaded show on the Peak Moment Conversations blog, my journal, and some social networks. Then I posted the blog about yesterday’s entry. And wrote this one, for a personal note. Now it’s time to hit the hay for tomorrow’s taping. Night, all

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