A New Measure of Time

“The feeling of urgency is increasing every day now
for me and my close friends/comrades.

I find myself with an entirely new gestalt of ‘time.’

Time is now being measured not by the pulse of the Universe,
nor by the Sun and Moon into years, months and days,
but into thousands of gallons of oil pouring into the sea.”

Mary Nelson, info-warrior


  1. Yvonne Leever says:

    Yes, there is an entirely new ‘sense of time’. An urgency is upon us and the tracking of events is exponential. Our daily experience of Life has shifted; it is no longer as we have known it. The pace has quickened…. and so must our response according to our personal perception of the reality we see.

    Reverse, pause, forward, reverse, pause, forward, reverse, pause, forward, etc., etc., etc.—–

    I am grateful for Mary Nelson’s wisdom.
    Yvonne Leever


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