A Community Rights Movement is Reclaiming Democracy

Cienfuegos_600While in Portland we videoed Paul Cienfuegos. This energetic and articulate firebrand is the Portland area regional organizer for the Community Rights movement. What’s that, you ask?

In a nutshell,”communities across the country are practicing non-violent, civil disobedience through municipal law-making. They are challenging our legal system, stopping harmful corporate practices and creating the sustainable communities they envision. It is the beginnings of a Community Rights movement.” Thomas Linzey, Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF).

If a community doesn’t want fracking, say, or confined animal feedlots, they can create ordinances that place the rights of communities and nature over the claimed “rights” of corporations. (Be sure to read the messages on Paul’s t-shirt. Click for a larger image.)

Paul is connected with Thomas Linzey of CELDF, whose 2008 presentation we videoed in our community (this DVD can be purchased: Reclaiming Democracy: How Communities are Saying “NO” to Corporate Rights).

We are excited by this quiet yet revolutionary movement already curbing the power of corporations in over 100 communities. Paul’s videos will introduce you to this revolutionary work.

Watch Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule, part 1 (episode 258), part 2 (episode 259) and part 3 (episode 274).

Learn more at CELDF and Portland’s Community Rights group, and YouTube channel Community Rights TV.

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