David Suzuki’s Keynote at PowerShift BC 2013

Suzuki__560“I come as an elder without an agenda,” were keynoter David Suzuki’s opening words at PowerShift BC 2013 in Victoria, Coast Salish Territories, B.C. Canada. From my notes:

What happens in the next few years is critical for you, the youth.

The party is over. We Elders and Boomers, it’s time to get off the couch and help clean up the mess. We have lived our life. It’s time to gather the nuggets and offer them to the next generations.

Humans have become a force of nature on the physical, geological scales. Chemically we’re altering the air and water and soil. We’ve filled each with dozens of toxins. 50,000 species go extinct each year. We are monoculturing the planet. We are undermining the earth processes.

Let’s find our common ground with the [resource extraction] corporations. Clean air. Clean water. Clean soil. Surely we can agree on those as our highest priorities.

The indigenous people have what is needed now [a deep connection and passion to protect the land].

Watch videoAudio | iTunes | Janaia’s journal: PowerShift BC: Youth Gathering for Climate Justice (part 1)

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  1. Right on, David Suzuki, in living aloha. An inspiring passionate call to action and to understand what is real and valuable. Malama ka aina, malama i ka wai (“Cherish and protect the land. Cherish and protect the water” … Hawaiian.)


  1. […] David Suzuki's Keynote at PowerShift BC 2013 […]

  2. […] David Suzuki's Keynote at PowerShift BC 2013 […]

  3. […] David Suzuki's Keynote at PowerShift BC 2013 […]

  4. […] David Suzuki's Keynote at PowerShift BC 2013 […]

  5. […] David Suzuki's Keynote at PowerShift BC 2013 […]

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