Gratitudes for 2018

In January we mark twelve years of producing Peak Moment Television episodes. As the picture below shows, we've produced 336 episodes with 373 unique guests, the "Peak Moment Stars." Sometimes our project feels small next to the gigantic needs and losses elsewhere, like the … [Read more...]

Into The Next Story: Our 2018 News

I’ve thought to write our news since last winter, but we were between stories. Now we’re solidly in the next story — personal and regional, if not planetary. As I write, smoke from the nearby “Camp Fire” fills our woods like fog, blotting out the sun. The fire easily … [Read more...]

Your Contribution, Our 2017 News

Here we are at a year’s end and, once again, we join the chorus of voices asking for contributions. The call for generosity across the board is deep, especially here in the United States where the needs of ordinary people are being systematically denied, and environmental … [Read more...]

Thanks to You, Here are Our 2017 Peak Moment Stars

Thank you to our 2017 guests who are building a life-sustaining world Thank YOU, our supporter. You've helped bring 333 programs to the world, with over 6.8 million viewings since 2006. Help us produce more life-changing programs in 2018. Donate and receive a premium of … [Read more...]

The Solar Eclipse: a Guest Post

  These are photos Robin took of the 2017 solar eclipse. She experienced the 1979 total solar eclipse near Goldendale, Washington, and it was a such a wondrous experience for her that she wanted to share this one with me. So, at the last minute, we packed up the … [Read more...]

Widening and Narrowing Circles: Summer News

Most of this newsletter is about Widening Circles — workshops, online summits and podcasts, and projects we’re glad are happening, many with Peak Moment guests. Our personal news could be called A Narrowing Circle:  We are putting down more roots in our community in what … [Read more...]

Into a New Time

We've taken this winter off, mostly. We enjoyed a glorious autumn living in Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia parked beside our new friends Gael and Shelley (at left, Robin's photo of the view across the Georgia Strait from Gael's house). We also visited … [Read more...]

A Minstrel for the Earth (328)

Video: A Minstrel for the Earth (328) … [Read more...]

A Minstrel for the Earth (328)

Audio: A Minstrel for the Earth (328) … [Read more...]

Milking “Buttercup” the Cow (327)

“The faster you go in the beginning, the more milk you get. Beginning milkers have a rough time because of this.” Alexandra King, co-owner of Inspiration Farm shows how she milks the family cow, Buttercup. A stall holds the Jersey cow in place while being milked. Alexandra … [Read more...]