Thanks to You and the Peak Moment “Stars”

Thank you to our 2016 guests quietly building a life-sustaining world Thank you. You've helped bring 321 programs to the world, with over 6.4 million viewings, since 2006. Help us produce more life-changing programs in 2017. Donate and receive a premium of Janaia's … [Read more...]

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Give to Peak Moment Television this year, and receive a premium from us as our thanks. Give back for the videos you’ve enjoyed over the past eleven years. Pay it forward, so we can continue bringing you videos with people quietly building a better world. … [Read more...]

Sunshine Coast Adventures Begin

We headed north from California in the last week of September. When we tried to cross the border on October 1st, we were turned back because we needed additional documentation. We spent a few days in Bellingham writing and compiling that information. Our Canadian friends … [Read more...]

Here We Come, Sunshine Coast of British Columbia!

We're headed back to Canada in a few weeks! We so loved the people and places we visited there in 2013-2014 that we decided to relocate to the Salish Sea area of Canada if we can (plus it's a return for Robin to her native Puget Sound region). Then, in the New Tribe … [Read more...]

Celebrating Ten Years and 300 Shows

As I write, plentiful rains are blessing northern California. We can practically hear the ground slurping in the much-needed water. February frogs in the rising pond regale us with a throaty joyous chorus. Near us, on the south side of Round Mountain, bark beetles have … [Read more...]

The First 299 Shows – and Our Thanks

As 2015 draws to a close, we’d like to thank you for watching and sharing Peak Moment TV programs. We hope we've inspired you and yours on behalf of planet Earth. With your support—financial, moral, emotional—we've produced an astounding 299 shows in a decade! Help us … [Read more...]

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The End of Our Homesteading Era

The House at Lone Bobcat Woods is Sold. This newsletter planned for September was delayed because we're recovering from a several-month blitz to move belongings out of our garage and guest apartment and into a shipping container. We're picturing a low-key winter with further … [Read more...]

Seeing Daylight and Beyond

On summer solstice, I started to write that we're beginning to see daylight from our bumpy re-entry back at Lone Bobcat Woods. Then we discovered that 1100 gallons of water had drained from our water tank — much of a year's supply for us here. Daylight IS appearing now. … [Read more...]

A Rough Re-Entry and Letting Go into the Unknown

We got back to Lone Bobcat Woods in early March, and are having a pretty rough re-entry. While we were gone someone stole our well pump generator — so no water except what we can schlepp. Two other generators weren't working — so no electricity. The printer died, and … [Read more...]