Transit on Demand (Have Cell Will Travel) (140)

What if you could make a call at any time on your cell phone and have a vehicle come to you within minutes, take you to your local destination, and cost about as much as a bus ride? Allen Hancock's notion of demand-responsive transit fills the gap between the private … [Read more...]

Fossil Free by ’33

Tam Hunt of the Community Environmental Council in Santa Barbara, California outlines a strategy for regional independence from fossil fuels — and it centers around electricity. Start with efficiency & conservation, add renewables to replace fossil fuels for electricity, … [Read more...]

Sustainable Ballard: A Blueprint for EveryTown USA

David Wright, Vic Opperman and Andrea Faste are "making ripples around Puget Sound" by empowering folks in their northwest Seattle community of 70,000 around "the one issue that unites us" — energy. Sustainable Ballard volunteers educate, facilitate, and collaborate … [Read more...]