Boulder County Going Local!

Michael Brownlee didn't stop after creating the Boulder Valley Relocalization group. He's catalyzing Boulder County's Going Local! campaign, encouraging residents to buy local first, eat and grow local food, create local energy and local currency. The community will … [Read more...]

Sustainable Vashon – A Learning and Action Network

Three women envisioning a sustainable island share their activities: Sustainable Vashon's Merrilee Runyan describes "Edible Island" and "Green Seed grants." Farmer Lisa Mathias of Vashon Island Growers Association envisions more neighborhood food production. Hillery Crocker … [Read more...]

Sustainable Ballard: A Blueprint for EveryTown USA

David Wright, Vic Opperman and Andrea Faste are "making ripples around Puget Sound" by empowering folks in their northwest Seattle community of 70,000 around "the one issue that unites us" — energy. Sustainable Ballard volunteers educate, facilitate, and collaborate … [Read more...]

Living within the Natural Economy

Brian Weller of Willits Economic LocaLization (WELL) discusses their community's process of building a secure, sustainable future based on RISC: Responsibility, Ingenuity, Security and Community. "When we depend on where we live for our livelihood, then we take care of it." … [Read more...]

Building a Relocalization Network

Celine Rich and Julian Darley, co-directors of Post Carbon Institute, discuss their rapidly-growing Relocalization network supporting small groups worldwide to reduce consumption and produce locally: Reduce 90%, Produce 10%. Episode 14. [] Watch video | … [Read more...]

Peak Oil: Challenge and Opportunity

Rick Hartmann covers the data about global oil production and consumption, while Michael Thompson envisions a healthier, better world on the other side of the peak. Episode 13. Watch video | iTunes | … [Read more...]