How Many Community Gardens? (198)

Having learned "How Much Food Can I Grow Around My House?" (Episode 87), Judy Alexander kept right on going. As chair of the Local 2020 Food Resiliency Action Group in Port Townsend, WA, she helped initiate 25 community gardens in her county within four years. Sitting in her … [Read more...]

Transforming Communities Through Local Business

Helping Local Food Businesses Thrive,Wendy Siporen The Small-Mart Revolution, Michael Shuman Sustainable Connections — Transforming a Community Through Local Business, Michelle Long Local Living Economies — Protecting What We Love, Judy Wicks Four conversations, about … [Read more...]

Menu for the Future – Bringing Farmers to the Table (189)

What happens if you create 25 small groups to discuss food values and issues, and include a local farmer or food producer in each one? Innovative organizers Judy Alexander, Dick Bergeron and Peter Bates facilitated the "Menu for the Future" groups to support local farmers … [Read more...]

Farmers Joins Eaters for “Menu for the Future” Groups

October 30, 2010. We taped a popular show in 2006 with Judy Alexander, How Much Food Can I Grow Around My House? (episode 87). Judy has continued expanding the circles of awareness about food.  We taped a conversation in Port Townsend, Washington with (right to left) Peter … [Read more...]

Your Personal Baker — A Bakery CSA (188)

Watch baker Jen Ownbey whip up a batch of zucchini bread while she talks with Janaia about doing what she loves. Every week, members of her bakery CSA (community supported agriculture) get a handmade, local, mostly organic, and even personalized box of breads and bakery … [Read more...]

Beyond Back Yard Sustainability (178)

Four years ago (in episode 51, An Experiment in Back Yard Sustainability), Scott McGuire asked "how much food can I grow in my back yard to feed my family?" In this episode, we learn the results, and that food supply is not an individual project — it takes a community to … [Read more...]

Meet Scott McGuire, “Maniacal” Co-Creative Gardener

When we drove into the long roadway approaching Scott and Kaela McGuire's new homestead, I was struck by the solo sunflower greeting us like a towering beacon. Scott said it was a volunteer, probably from their previous garden where we'd taped An Experiment in Backyard … [Read more...]

Four Acres and Independence — A Self-Sufficient Farmstead (168)

Take a tour, accompanied by curious sheep and geese, of Mark Cooper's self-sufficient small farm. Over several years, he transformed a rundown house and hillsides of berry brambles into pasture and gardens where he produces and preserves most of his family's food. Visit the … [Read more...]

Innovation Bears Fruit for Family Farm (162)

Tour the century-old organic Chaffin Family Orchards where even the animals are "farm hands." Visit chickens in their egg-mobile, scratching for bugs and pooping fertilizer in the heirloom stone-fruit orchards. Goats chomp off low branches from the olive trees, so no fuel or … [Read more...]

Local Food — By and For the People (161)

What if the food system benefited local producers, nourished nearby people, and built a stronger community? Krishna Singh Khalsa of Eugene, Oregon wants to turn the food system on its head. He wants it to be run by, and for the benefit of, ordinary people — not corporate … [Read more...]