Practical Tools to Grow an Intentional Community

PM83_640Communities Magazine editor Diana Leafe Christian concisely spells out what the successful 10% of intentional communities do: common vision and purpose, fair participatory decision-making, clear agreements in writing, good balance of right and left-brain knowledge, methods of staying accountable to agreements, criteria for new members, good communication and processing skills. She also discusses peak oil effects on the wider community. Episode 83. []

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  1. Excellent summary of key advice to grow your community. Diana’s got over 20 years of experience on the field and her texts are always very usefull. I strongly suggest any one starting a community to read her books, that will enable you to avoid mistakes that others made before and save your a lot of time. Enjoy!
    Matthieu Lietaert
    Director of “Voices of Cohousing. Building Small Villages in the City”
    Award Winner at 34th Ekotopfilm Festival 2007

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