Gourmet Cooking for the Paleo Diet, part 2 — In Pauli’s Kitchen (237)

pm237_580You’ll wish you could taste this video! Longtime caterer Pauli Halstead makes her famous Magical Muhamara dip from her cookbook Primal Cuisine: Cooking for the Paleo Diet. Using toasted walnuts instead of chickpeas, she credits its authentic Middle Eastern flavor to a touch of pomegranate molasses. Noting that fat is what makes food taste good, she shows a rich array of healthy natural fats and oils like coconut, olive, and avocado. Meanwhile on the stovetop, she makes a batch of ghee (clarified butter) start to finish. According to Pauli, “Cravings come from a nutrient-deficient diet. Our body is going to continue to crave until we give it what it needs… The right vitamins and minerals—and nutritious fats.” Episode 237. [theprimalcuisine.com and www.facebook.com/PrimalCuisineCookingForThePaleoDiet]

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