Partners in Preparedness – Neighborhoods and Emergency Responders (181)

pm181_640The last thing “Dr. Doom” Bob Hamlin expected was citizens offering to help his county Emergency Management Department. But when Deborah Stinson from Port Townsend’s Local 20/20 came to Bob’s office after Hurricane Katrina, they formed a partnership. Citizens are organizing and educating neighborhoods to be more self-reliant in emergencies. And they’re at the table with emergency responders in planning for disasters. Episode 181. [].

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  1. This is the best Peak Moment I have seen yet; I am so impressed by the cooperation between the private and public sectors in this conversation. There is no community that can’t learn from this partnership! Given the nature of the threats we all face from natural disaster and random weather events, these folks have created a model every one of us should (and could) be duplicating. Go to and put in your zip code to see what the possible threat assessments are in your area.

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