Hope Dances Eternal For This Media Maven


For over a decade, Bob Banner has brought documentary films to his region, and published a bimonthly magazine HopeDance, “Radical solutions inspiring hope.” Unlike most media types, he brings “disturbing” information, as well as solutions and positive visions. Bob discusses spiritual films, peak oil, localization, and the massive failure of the media — plus myriad other topics. Episode 99. [hopedance.org]

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  1. Iselin Celestine says:

    I apologize – could not respond to article entitled “Peak Ego” per Bob’s website.

    Hallelujah! How you have recognized and articulated the source of our most pressing (ecological, social, economic, community, etc.) issues/concerns -per my perception.
    As Fred mentioned, I also think about this continually. “Peak Ego HAS to be realized before humanity can move on.” Yet as a human, I realize what a challenge it is for us (to) be willing to look within and recognize/acknowledge Ego. Amused. Especially our own! Or, our ‘own’ given the separateness of much perception that is present in modernity. First discovered your Peak Moment Television conversation w/Janaia and now this website…in a single day. So heartening because I continue to find minimal like-minded/similarly-inclined community.

    Thank you,
    Jennifer Jasmine

  2. Iselin Celestine says:

    So ably explored and communicated – by both Bob and Janaia. Sustainable and (affordable) housing…yes! How much of our population (including myself) is excluded from such opportunities when the latter are mostly limited to upper-middle-class-income-level energy technologies? With Peak oil and other resource-depletion realities, exclusionary approaches (intentional or not) are not going to be viable ones. And die-offs. Neither do I want these to be concentrated amongst those of the world population who have already made the greatest sacrifices – those who have benefited (by the usage of natural resources) the least. Further, this is what I find the most frustrating, sad, and unacceptable. If we were to begin in earnest, collectively, NOW – to what extent might we be able to mitigate human, animal, and plant die-offs? Beyond those that have already taken place. But still, years after these shows have been posted: general collective resistance. Unless my perspective is, indeed, a limited and erroneous one. I am grateful to all of you who strive to awaken the rest of us in this sense.

  3. I’m deeply grateful to Bob Banner for publishing HopeDance. I first discovered it in 1997 or 1998, and it piqued my interest in permaculture. I finally did take a two week permaculture course in 2005, and only wish I took the course years before. Great paper! You can subscribe to it no matter where you live.

  4. good job keep up the good work

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