Pine Mountain Ranch — Where the Buffalo Roam (334)

“A rancher could really be called a grass farmer,” contends rancher Alan Rousseau. “But let’s go further. Let’s go to the soil.” The soils in his Oregon high-mountain ranch are rich in minerals, producing grasses with higher protein to nourish his pastured animals, producing hardier offspring, and healthier meats for our eating. Alan raises bison (buffalo) and yaks, and has raised Bighorn Dall sheep, geese, heritage turkeys, chickens, ducks and geese. Join him on a tour through the paddocks where he raises native, heritage and indigenous species which are chosen for the colder climate. “We’ve pretty much copied nature,” he says. Periodically rotated into fresh paddocks, the big animals’ hooves till the earth while they graze, and their manure refertilizes the soil. Later, turkeys or other birds follow, eating bugs from the manure. Continuous cycles of depletion and restoration, as nature does it. []

Watch video | Audio | Janaia’s journal: Yak, Buffalo, Alpaca – Oh My!

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