A Primal Diet for Modern Times, part 1 (260)


Nora Gedgaudas used to believe a plant-based diet was the healthiest. That belief got turned upside down when she spent a summer studying wolves near the North pole. “We are fundamentally ice-age hunter-gatherers,” states the nutritionist and author of Primal Body, Primal Mind. She points out that our genes are 99.9% the same as our ancestors – they haven’t yet adapted to the relatively recent agriculturally-based lifestyle based on grains. As a result, our bodies have no need for dietary carbohydrates. By contrast, “Fat, to us means survival…. Dietary fat is the most nutrient-dense thing we can consume, rich in fat-soluble nutrients, and essential for the functioning of our brain and nervous systems.” Episode 260. [primalbody-primalmind.com]

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