A Permaculture Course for Busy People (171)

pm171_640Bill Wilson and Wayne Weiseman pour their hearts into their permaculture design courses, changing lives as well as landscapes. In a unique format, students do initial course work online and then attend a one week hands-on course.

In this chat along with Sivananda Yoga Farm sponsor Vidya Chaitanya, Wayne discusses principles starting with with observing elements like wind, water, sun and topography in a specific property.

Bill provides alarming information on “peak soil.”  Together they note that permaculture’s goal is to create small, intensive ecologies, a foodweb where everything is exchanging with everything else. Episode 171.

“Eat and Be Eaten, and Share the Bounty.” Watch Bill Wilson in The Heart of Permaculture (Peak Moment episode 157).

pm171_vidya_80.jpgVidya Chaitanya: www.sivanandayogafarm.org

pm171_bill_80.jpgBill Wilson: midwestpermaculture.com

 pm171_wayne_80.jpgWayne Weiseman: permacultureproject.com

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  1. We loved “Permaculture for busy people.” What wonderful teachers these guys are! They made so much sense and the concepts were very exciting. Sounds like Permaculture is the only way out of the mess we’ve made and these guys are showing us the road to a better world. Thanks very much .

  2. Stuart M. says:

    Thank you, Ed! I was beginning to think I had dreamed it up!

  3. Ed Adamthwaite says:

    Hi Stuart for some reason or another it’s been bumped down the page below Carolyn Baker’s interview and is now at 168. Go to http://www.wordpress.peakmoment.tv/conversations/ and scroll down or go to http://www.wordpress.peakmoment.tv/conversations/?p=385
    HTH, Ed.

  4. Stuart M. says:

    What happened to the handyman story?

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